How to manage the wiring system intelligently


How to intelligently manage the wiring system, in fact, this is a very thought-provoking thing. The following editor will introduce the importance of integrated cabling system management, the development of cabling management technology, the standards for cabling management implementation, rack and cable management, and the intelligent application of cabling management.


wiring system

1. Scope of wiring management

Wiring management is to identify and record the wiring equipment, cables, information sockets and other facilities in the work area of ​​the equipment room and exchange room according to a certain mode, including: management method, identification, color code, cross-connection, jumper wire The implementation of these contents creates convenience for the user's system maintenance and management, improves the management level and work efficiency, and realizes the flexibility, openness and expansibility of the integrated wiring system.


The integrated wiring cable is the infrastructure of the integrated wiring system and the central nervous system of the entire network. It can provide the application of voice, data, image, multimedia and other systems for intelligent buildings, and is constantly expanding. This is due to the network flexibility and high reliability of the integrated wiring system, but it also brings new problems, mainly in that with the use of the system and the development of the network, users inevitably have to move, add, Changes make the jumper constantly change, and the problem of jumper management will occur in the main distribution frame and floor distribution frame between the equipment. It is difficult to avoid confusion among many cables. This has always been a problem that users and manufacturers are extremely concerned about. .

ftth cable

2, the choice of wiring system management

In response to the above problems, the management of Schneider's Merlin Gerland Infra+ intelligent wiring system focuses on humanization. How to make the system design more convenient for construction, installation and management, minimize movement and addition, avoid human errors that may occur in changes, and improve installation. , maintenance, management quality, reduce signal attenuation, and ensure normal transmission rate provides new design ideas and technological innovations, mainly reflected in:


(1) The management method of wiring color identification, that is, to provide a variety of colors or independent transparent label clips for the patch panel;


(2) Intelligent management of racks and cables.


(3) The wiring color identification management method is suitable for the small scale of the integrated wiring system project, the small number of user information points, the simple and scattered network structure, and only a small number of trunk lines or a small number of floor distribution frames. The color identification management scheme is usually adopted. .


(4) The intelligent management method of wiring is suitable for large-scale or extremely large-scale integrated wiring system projects, intelligent buildings are large and medium-sized single high-rise buildings or multi-buildings form a park type, and the types of communication services and the number of user information points are large. , The structure of the communication network is more complex, and it should usually be managed by an electronic distribution frame computer, that is, an intelligent way of wiring management.


3. Standards for wiring management implementation

At present, the standard of telecommunication infrastructure management is: TIA/EIA-606 standard, which is the management standard of telecommunication infrastructure of commercial buildings and the only management standard of telecommunication infrastructure of commercial buildings in the world.


Management infrastructure includes the following areas:

(1) Terminal components located in work areas, wiring closets, equipment rooms and entry facilities;


(2) Telecom wiring cables and connectors;


(3) The path of the telecommunication wiring cable, the position of the connector, and the position of the terminal part:


(4) Grounding and connection of telecommunications.


4. Implementation method of wiring color identification management method


Color label management is a way to realize cable management in each handover area, which is to use jumper connection between each color label area according to the requirements of the application. The color code is used to distinguish the properties of the wiring equipment, identify the wiring modules arranged by properties, and indicate the termination area, physical location, number, capacity, specifications, etc., so that managers can identify them at a glance. That is to say, on the distribution frame, the lines from different directions or different application function equipment are centrally laid out, and the marked areas with different colors are specified. When there are multiple equipment, switching rooms, and floor wiring in a project, it should be A unified color code distinguishes the wiring areas for various purposes. The integrated wiring management system usually uses three types of markings: cable marking, area marking and connector marking.


4.1 Color logo management


All patch panels of Merlin Gerland Infra+ series wiring are multi-color (6 kinds) color panels for patch panels, making patch panels easier to identify and manage. Provide 6-port label clips in 5 colors for different applications and management needs; or provide independent transparent 6-port label clips with double-sided printed numbers or manually defined numbers, making wiring management more simple and clear.


4.2 Management of patch panels and related connecting devices

(1) The panel of the MULtiPLUS patch panel is managed separately for the ports, so the inspection, replacement or correction of each port can be easily completed. The accessibility of the ports is a major innovation of the Merlin Gerin wiring system, so that all management and maintenance operations can be done at the front end.


(2) In the 19" space of IU height, it can support the management of super five, six, seven information modules, optical fiber management unit and voice distribution unit at the same time, and the function of each port can be freely defined by the customer.


(3) Cable management

The rear end of the distribution frame is provided with an extended cable bracket and reserved wire grooves, and cable management strips can also be used to fasten and identify cables.


The mixed management of copper cable and optical fiber can be realized through the optical fiber module on the MULtiPLUS wiring (VDl9910I/F).


(4) Optical fiber management unit: The optical fiber management unit is a dust-proof and enclosed design. The optical fiber coiling position is reserved in the unit. The 3-port and 6-port optical fiber management units can respectively manage 6-core and 12-core fibers, and can also manage various types of fibers. Universal fiber connectors (such as MT-RJ, LC, SC, ST, etc.), manage up to 48 fibers in the IU cabinet space.


(5) The information port of the MULtiPLUS patch panel adopts a tool-free installation management information module. All maintenance operations are completed at the front end of the patch panel, and each port is managed separately. During maintenance, only the support of the corresponding port is removed without any tools.


5. Merlin Gerland Infra+ series wiring management is intelligent

5.1 Basic functions of intelligent wiring management


Wiring management intelligence is a real-time intelligent structured wiring management solution, which realizes the complete and organic combination of hardware and software. Through this system, users can obtain the configuration structure and operating status of wiring and network systems in real time. pre-defined) to monitor, supervise and alert etc. It makes the wiring system and connecting equipment into an intelligent network, reduces the inconvenience caused by manual operation and management, and finally can record uninterrupted 24/7 in the telecom equipment management room or data management center, and automatically generate a complete network fault diagnosis of the network system. documentation.


5.2 Contents of wiring intelligent management system

In the early construction of integrated wiring and the later operation and maintenance management, the data and information related to the wiring system mainly include:


(1) The purpose of equipment and cables, the department of use, the topology of the local area network, the rate of information transmission, and the configuration of terminal equipment.


(2) Hardware number, color code, link function and main characteristic parameters, link status, fault record preservation, log in device location and cable direction, etc.


Wiring management intelligence is suitable for different grades of optical fibers (such as OMl, OM2, 0M3, OSl) including shielded and unshielded copper cable series of super five and six types of cables sFF, etc.) connection function.


5.3 Main Ways of Wiring Management Intelligence

The integrated wiring system is the physical basis of network operation. For network administrators, ensuring the normal, safe and reliable operation of the network is mainly:

(1) High reliability of equipment operation: including active equipment (mainly equipment provided by network services, such as network switches, etc.) and passive equipment (mainly cable connectors for integrated wiring, etc.).


(2) High efficiency in equipment management and maintenance: First of all, we should pay attention to the indicators and functions of high-quality brand products, and fundamentally solve the problems of high efficiency and high reliability, but management is also a very important link.


Wiring management is intelligent, and there are mainly two ways at present, namely, the intelligent management method of electronic distribution frame and the intelligent wiring management component method.


5.3.1 Wiring Intelligent Electronic Distribution Frame Management Mode (System)

(1) Intelligent wiring management: At present, it is mainly the electronic distribution frame management system that provides a new generation of management means for network administrators, and is mainly applied to projects or important projects with a large number of system points and a large scale. The electronic management patch panel is to apply the electronic detection technology and sensor technology to the traditional patch panel system, and automatically record the usage of each port of the patch panel, so as to ensure the usage data and network management on the patch panel. The preset data in the computer remains the same. Among them, the most important functions are: real-time monitoring of the engineering status of each device on the network is normal or not, real-time detection, fault diagnosis, and automatic recording of accurate and real-time network management documents.


(2) Characteristics of electronic distribution frame: Compared with traditional distribution frame, electronic distribution frame has the following unique functions:

1) Realize electronic jumper;


2) Real-time port detection;


3) Immediate fault diagnosis;


4) The active equipment runs on-line power supply.

The technical advantages of electronic distribution frames are indisputable, but the current price is high. From the perspective of technological development, the price reduction is a trend. Electronic distribution frames or intelligent management systems will be widely used in integrated wiring network management.


(3) Intelligent wiring management software: Intelligent wiring management software is a network database for real-time management of connected PCs and network devices. It includes a network composed of all active and physical passive components for each user. In the shortest time and the lowest cost, it can successfully complete the movement, addition, change, maintenance, etc. of network connections, as well as human-machine dialogues such as preset parameters, browsing, retrieval, and content approval.


5.3.2 Wiring intelligent component management method (system)

The wiring management component method is a method suitable for the traditional structured wiring system that has been installed, and the wiring links are all using the energy-based wiring management method, but the original wiring frame and other facilities are required to be retained, that is, the requirement is no longer required. Under the condition of purchasing a new intelligent distribution frame and other facilities, the intelligent distribution management component system can be installed.


That is, without destroying the termination of the original distribution frame, it is embedded in the outside of the original distribution frame, so that the original passive wiring distribution frame can be turned into an intelligently managed (electronic) distribution frame for intelligent management. Wiring management run operations. The same software is adopted as the intelligent management system of electronic distribution frame, and the system functions are basically the same as the intelligent management system of electronic wiring.


The above is the whole content of how to intelligently manage the wiring system. I hope that the above can give you some help.

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