Why broadband is getting slower


Every family has broadband installed, but there are still many people who don't know the basic knowledge of broadband. Let's talk with you today.


First of all, broadband is a dynamic development concept, it is a medium for various media to be transmitted on the network. The Internet broadband most of us have access to is ADSL broadband, which is divided into upstream and downstream speeds.


The uplink speed is simply understood as the speed at which data is sent from the computer to the network, such as uploading files, sending emails, etc.


The downlink speed is the speed of downloading movies and downloading music.


Usually, the number of megabytes we talk about refers to the downlink speed. For example, a broadband of 100 means the download speed of 100M, and the uplink speed is usually only about 12M. The uplink rate is generally only one tenth of the downlink rate.


These are the basic common sense of broadband, so sometimes we will find that under the same network speed, the network will become slower and slower. What is the reason?

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1. When applying for broadband, ask whether the broadband is exclusive

There are many broadband operators on the market, with mixed reviews. I won't say which one is specific here. Some of the home broadband installed for you are actually shared broadband. Shared broadband means: if you install 100M broadband, then this 100M is not used by you alone, but a range such as other users in a cell sharing this 100M, if there are 20 users of this operator in the cell, 5 users during the day If you use it, your internet speed is okay. When 20 users are on the internet at night, you can imagine how much your internet speed is. So the same is 100M broadband, the speed of exclusive fiber is definitely much faster than shared!


2. Restart the router regularly

The engineer mentioned that many users' routers do not restart for several months when they are actually working on the user's broadband warranty. Because the routers have too many devices connected to the router for a long time, the cached data is very large, which will also cause the broadband speed to become abnormally slow. . So it is necessary to restart the router regularly.


3. Regular maintenance of broadband lines

Broadband lines must be regularly inspected and maintained. Whether the line is an optical fiber or a network cable, the transmission medium will definitely slowly oxidize and corrode over time, and it will also affect the network speed after long-term use.


Fourth, the problem of optical cat or router

After the operator handles the business, a free router or optical cat will be sent. As for the cats that are given away, those who are knowledgeable usually replace them by themselves, because the operators sent are almost the cheapest and lowest-end products. Everyone should have encountered them. If there is a problem with the cat, the operator will not repair it. The cost is lower than the repair cost. Such cats or routers simply do not have the ability to use high-quality bandwidth.


If your family has 100M exclusive broadband, but uses a low-profile router given by the operator, it is undoubtedly like installing a small faucet on a large bucket. No matter how much water, the small faucet still can’t release much water. For this problem, it is recommended that you replace the router.


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