How to clean fiber optic connectors


Optical fiber connectors are no strangers to friends in the weak current industry, but I don’t know if you have ever been concerned about the cleaning of fiber optic connectors. How to clean fiber optic connectors? Come with me to find out.


How to clean fiber optic connectors

1. Why not use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to clean the light connector?

The cleaning requirements of fiber optic connectors are much higher than the cleaning requirements of camera lenses. The fibers of cotton or only lens paper are thicker, which can easily cause the wear of the fiber optic connector. In foreign countries, cotton balls or lens paper have not been used for cleaning fiber optic connectors. For fiber optic testing instruments, it is forbidden to use cotton balls or lens paper to clean fiber optic connectors.


2. Why use OAM fiber connector cleaner?

The OAM optical fiber interface cleaner is a high-tech product developed and researched by the American OMA company, which is used for cleaning various optical fiber interfaces in the optical fiber communication transmission network. The effect it achieves can make the return loss of the optical signal as small as several hundred thousand or even one millionth.

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OAM fiber optic interface cleaner adopts alcohol-free special fiber, which has the following advantages:

(1) Safe and reliable: Compared with traditional cleaning methods such as alcohol, ether plus cotton balls or lens paper, which are prone to secondary contamination, the unique design structure and selection of materials enable each cleaning to achieve ideal results. No adverse effects on the environment and operators. It can effectively prevent fires caused by alcohol and ethanol.


(2) Easy to use: You don't need to carry many other traditional supplies at work, just wipe it lightly, and the dust and grease at the optical fiber connection interface will be removed.


(3) Economical and affordable: The new design structure and patented product materials greatly reduce the production cost. Commodities are only a fraction of the price of similar imported products. Each box of cleaning tape can clean more than 500 optical fiber interfaces, and the cleaning tape in the cleaner can be replaced.


(4) Wide range of uses: it can be used not only in optical experimental research units, but also in the construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor optical fiber communication, as well as the quality assurance of optical fiber equipment and component suppliers.


(5) Strong applicability: It can be used for various types of optical fiber interfaces such as SC, FC, LC, ST, D4, DIN, etc.


3. How to use the OAM fiber connector cleaner?

• Push the pull button on the upper end of the optical fiber interface cleaner, and put the contaminated connector of the optical fiber connector into one of the cleaning grooves and wipe it with a little force.


• After the initial cleaning, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, the connector can be placed in another cleaning tank for cleaning again.


• After cleaning, release the pull button, the pull button will automatically close. so repeatedly used.


4. Why use compressed gas dust collector?


Compressed gas dust remover, also known as "gas brush", is especially suitable for occasions where conventional dust removal methods are ineffective, and can safely and quickly remove dust, lint, metal ions and other pollutants on the surface of precision electronic and optical instruments. This product is widely used for dust removal and maintenance of various optical fiber communications, printed circuit boards, electronic instruments, optical instruments, electronic computers, intelligent equipment, communication equipment, audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, advanced cameras, video cameras, video cameras, etc. This product is a flexible dust removal, safe and non-destructive.


5. How to use compressed gas dust collector?

Hold the compressed gas dust remover with the can body upright, 5-10cm away from the object to be cleaned, pull off the safety piece on the upper part of the actuator, and press the actuator briefly and frequently for purging. Use extension tubes for hard-to-reach areas.


Do not shake or tilt the can during use. Doing so can cause the compressed gas in the tank to flow out in a liquid state, which can cause frostbite to skin or damage to glass.


Continuous use of compressed gas dust remover will cause the purge force to drop, but it will return to normal after a period of time.


Please use compressed gas duster in a ventilated environment.


Compressed gas dust remover is a pressure container. Do not get close to the fire source, do not pry, knock, or puncture. It should be placed in an environment below 50°C and not easily accessible by children.


The above is the whole content of how to clean the optical fiber connector. I believe that after reading the above, you will know why the optical fiber connector should be cleaned and the steps of cleaning the optical fiber connector. I hope to give you some help.


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