How to conduct standard acceptance of integrated cabling system?


In the information age, a modern building, in addition to telephone, fax, air conditioning, fire protection, power wire, lighting wire, also indispensable computer network lines, and integrated wiring system is the foundation of computer network engineering, its importance can be imagined.




Integrated cabling system

Environmental audit

(1) Whether the civil works in the management room, equipment room and work area have been completely completed; Whether the floor of the house is smooth and smooth, whether the height and width of the door hinder the handling of equipment and equipment; Check whether the lock and key are complete.

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(2) Whether the location, quantity and size of the embedded underground grooves, dark pipes, holes and shafts meet the design requirements.


(3) Whether the place where the raised floor is laid and the grounding in the ESD measures for the raised floor meet the design requirements.


(4) Whether the management room and equipment room are provided with 220V single-phase power sockets with ground.


(5) Whether a reliable grounding device is provided between the management room and the equipment. When setting the grounding body, check whether the grounding resistance value and the grounding device meet the design requirements.


(6) Whether the area, ventilation and ambient temperature and humidity of the management room and equipment meet the design requirements.


Equipment inspection

Equipment inspection refers to the inspection of wiring materials, including cables, connectors, pipes, and auxiliary accessories.

(1) Device inspection requirements

1) The type, specification, quantity and quality of cable equipment used in the project should be checked before construction. Materials without delivery inspection certificate shall not be used in the project.


2) The inspected equipment should be recorded, and the unqualified devices should be stored separately for verification and disposal.


3) Cables and equipment used in the project shall conform to the requirements of the order contract, or conform to the specifications, models and grades of the sealed products.


4) Spare parts, spare parts and all kinds of information should be complete.


(2) Inspection requirements for profiles, pipes and iron parts


1) The material, specification and model of all kinds of profiles should conform to the provisions of the design document, and the surface should be smooth and flat, without deformation and fracture.


2) When steel pipe and hard PVC pipe are used, the pipe body should be smooth, without scars, without deformation of the pipe hole, and the aperture and wall thickness should meet the design requirements.


3) When cement pipes are used in pipelines, they shall be inspected according to the relevant regulations in the construction and acceptance of communication pipelines.


4) The materials and specifications of all kinds of iron parts shall meet the quality standards, and shall not be skewed, twisted, punctured, broken or damaged.


5) The surface treatment and coating of iron parts should be uniform and complete, with smooth surface and no defects such as falling off and bubbles.


(3) Inspection requirements for cables

1) The types and specifications of twisted pair cables and optical cables used in the project shall conform to the design regulations and contract requirements.


2) Labels and signs attached to cables should be complete and clear.


3) The cable outer protective sleeve should be intact, and the cable should be accompanied with the factory quality inspection certificate.


4) For the sampling test of the electrical performance of cables, the length of 100m shall be cut from each of any three discs of this batch of cables, and the connectors selected in the project shall be sampled and tested, and the test records shall be made.


5) after the opening of the cable should first check the cable appearance without damage, cable end package is good.


6) When the cable is used in the cabling system engineering, the cable certificate and its inspection and test data should be checked.


7) The following provisions shall be met when the optical fiber is connected and inserted into the flexible wire (optical jumper)


(1) The end faces of the active connectors (active connectors) at both ends of the optical fiber connectors should be equipped with appropriate protective caps.


(2) The type of optical fiber in each fiber insertion soft wire should be clearly marked, and the selection of optical fiber insertion soft wire should meet the design requirements.


(4) Regulations on the use of wiring equipment

1) The model and specification of optical cable and cable handover equipment shall meet the design requirements.


2) The arrangement and logo name of optical cable and cable handover equipment should be consistent with the design. All kinds of signs should be unified, the position of the signs should be correct and clear.


Checking Device Installation


(1) Requirements for installing cabinets and racks


1) after the cabinet and rack are installed, the vertical deviation should not be larger than 3mm. The positions of cabinets and racks must meet the design requirements.


2) The parts on the cabinet and the frame shall not fall off or be damaged. If the paint surface falls off, it shall be painted. The marks shall be complete and clear.


3) Cabinets and racks should be firmly installed. If there are seismic requirements, they should be strengthened according to the seismic design of the construction drawings.


(2) Installation requirements for various wiring components

1) All components should be complete, installed in place and marked properly.


2) Installation screws must be tightened, and the panel should be kept on a flat surface.


(3) Installation requirements for 8-bit modular universal socket

1) It shall be installed on the raised floor or ground and fixed in the junction box, and the socket panel shall be in the form of vertical and horizontal; The cover of the junction box can be opened and should be waterproof, dustproof and compressive resistant. The cover surface of the junction box shall be flush with the ground.


2) The installation position of 8-bit modular universal socket, multi-user information socket or assembly point wiring fast module should meet the design requirements.


3) The fixing method of the 8-bit modular universal socket base box should be determined according to the conditions of the construction site, and should be fixed with preset expansion screws.


4) The fixing screws should be tightened and should not be loose.


5) All kinds of socket panels should be marked with color, graphics, text to indicate the type of terminal equipment.


(4) Installation requirements of cable bridge and trough


1) The installation position of the bridge and wire groove should conform to the construction drawing, and the left-right deviation should not exceed 50mm;


2) The deviation of the levelness of the bridge and the line groove should not exceed 2mm per meter;


3) The vertical bridge and line groove should be perpendicular to the ground, and there is no inclination phenomenon, and the perpendicularity deviation should not exceed 3mm;


4) The slot truncation and the splicing of the two slots should be smooth and burr free;


5) Hanger and bracket installation should be kept vertical, neat and firm, without skew phenomenon;


6) The metal bridge and the groove and internode should be in good contact and firmly installed.


(5) The grounding body used for installing the shielding layer of cabinets, racks, wiring devices, metal steel pipes and wire troughs should meet the design requirements, be grounded nearby, and maintain good electrical connections.


Inspection of cable laying


(1) The type and specification of cable shall be in accordance with the design provisions.


(2) The cable should be naturally flat, no twisting, circling, joints and other phenomena, should not be squeezed and damaged by external forces.


(3) Both ends of the cable should be affixed with labels, should indicate the number, label writing should be clear, correct, correct, labels should be selected not easy to damage materials.


(4) There should be a margin after the cable is finally connected. The reserved length of the twisted cable between the handover room and the equipment should be 0.5 ~ 1.0m, and the working area should be 10 ~ 30mm; The cable should be placed with a length of 3 ~ 5m. If there are special requirements, the length should be reserved according to the design requirements.


Check cable terminal connection

The cable terminal connection shall meet the following requirements

(1) Before the final connection of the cable, it is necessary to check whether the content of the cable logo is correct.


(2) No joints are allowed in the middle of the cable.


(3) The cable terminal connection must be firm and in good contact.


(4) The cable terminal connection shall comply with the design and construction operation rules.


(5) When connecting the twisted pair cable with the connector, the line number and line position color standard should be checked, and the inversion and wrong connection should not be allowed.


Engineering electrical test

(1) The electrical test of comprehensive cabling engineering includes the electrical performance test of cable system and the performance test of optical fiber system, among which the test contents of cable system are basic test items and optional test items. All tests shall be documented in detail as part of the technical documentation on completion.


(2) Electrical performance tester according to the second-level accuracy, should meet the relevant requirements.


(3) The field tester should be able to test class 3, class 5 twisted pair cable wiring system and fiber link.


(4) The test instrument should have an output port to output all stored test data to the computer and printer, and maintain and manage documents.


(5)Cable and optical cable test instruments shall have certificates of quality and measurement certificates.


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