How to recognize the super five lines?


"Category 5e" refers to Category 5e Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP-Unshielded Twisted Pair) and Category 5e Shielded Twisted Pair. Unshielded twisted pair cables are composed of multiple pairs of twisted pairs and a plastic sheath. Category five refers to five different quality levels defined by the International Electrical Industry Association for twisted pair cables.


How to recognize the super five lines?

1. to see

(1) CAT 5e will be printed on the line body of the super five categories.

(2) There are 4 pairs of twisted pairs in the wire sheath, the colors are: blue, blue-white, orange, orange-white, green, green-white, brown, brown-white.

(3) There is also a rope (floc) inside the cable skin and the twisted pair of the indoor network cable, referred to as the tensile rope, which is used to improve the tensile strength of the network cable.


2. Identify

Super five network cables are divided into unshielded network cables and shielded network cables. The difference is: shielded network cables are further divided into single-shielded network cables (wrapped twisted pair with a layer of aluminum foil paper) and double-shielded network cables (a layer of braided on the basis of aluminum foil paper). The shielded network cable can effectively prevent the electromagnetic radiation interference of other high-power wires and strong power supplies, greatly reduce the bit error rate of signal transmission, and play the role of shielding interference.


3. Classification

The materials of super five kinds of network cables are divided into many kinds: oxygen-free copper, bronze, copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad silver, four iron and four aluminum, etc. Among them, four iron and four aluminum are of the worst quality. Copper-clad aluminum and copper-clad aluminum will scorch as soon as they meet fire, and they will break as soon as they are scorched. Bronze is also collectively called copper-clad copper. The outer layer is wrapped with a layer of oxygen-free copper. different. Oxygen-free copper is real oxygen-free copper, no matter how many layers are scratched, the color of the surface and copper core will not change.


In fact, the Category 5 network cable is composed of 4 pairs of twisted pairs, filling ropes and outer skins. Outdoors have an extra layer of PE waterproof outer layer than indoors, mainly to play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof. The life of the Category 5 network cable is about 10 Years or so, if the indoor network cable is used outdoors, the general lifespan is more than one year, and it can be used for a short period of time.


How to distinguish super six lines?

1. Look at the structure

Cross skeleton, Category 6 cable, compared to the Super Category 5 cable, there is an insulating cross skeleton in the middle. The four pairs of twisted pairs of the network cable are placed in four grooves respectively. This structure can improve the balance characteristics of the cable. Compared with the Category 5 cable, the Category 6 cable has fast and stable performance.


2. Appearance

CAT 6 lines are printed on the body of the CAT 6 line, while the line body of the CAT 5 super line is printed with CAT 5, and the copper core of the CAT 6 line is thicker and larger than the line body of the CAT 5 line.


3. Performance

An important difference between Category 6 and Category 5e is that the performance in terms of crosstalk and return loss is improved. In fact, the biggest difference between Category 5 and Category 5e is that Category 5e has a larger performance. Lift, Category 5 wire does not have a pull cord.

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