Causes of communication cable and optical fiber failures


In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of optical fiber coverage, more and more enterprises and households have access to high-speed optical fiber networks. However, with the continuous improvement of network quality, the stability and safety of physical fiber optic cable lines have also received more and more attention. Today, I will introduce some common types of accident causes in fiber optic cable failures.


Communication fiber optic cable

The insulation of the fiber optic cable is too poor

If the fiber optic cable line is not insulated well when laying it, the splice box is easy to enter the water or is exposed to moisture. In the long run, stress corrosion and static fatigue of the line will greatly reduce the transmission strength of the fiber optic cable, which will occur in serious cases. When the cable is broken.

fiber optic cable

Lightning Impact of Optical Fiber Cable Failure

The internal components of the optical cable are all metal conductors. If the power line is short-circuited or the lightning strikes the metal parts, a strong current will be generated to destroy the optical cable line equipment. In severe cases, casualties may occur.


Optical fiber cable fault line connector fault

Faults are most likely to occur at the line joints, because the optical fiber cable structure at the joints has no protective power or the protective power has been significantly weakened, so the protection work can only be carried out by relying on the joint box, which leads to a great probability of failure. Increase.


Influence of External Forces on Optical Fiber and Cable Faults

Line faults are often caused by external forces. Since many communication optical cable lines are laid outdoors, the general burial standard is deep below the stratum, so the damage of many external factors to the optical cable line cannot be effectively avoided. Such as the excavation of optical cables during road construction.


The above four types are the most common types of communication optical cable faults at present, but please rest assured that the failure rate of communication optical fiber access cables is very low, but once we relax their daily maintenance and inspection, the faults will randomly lurking or even It is concentrated at a certain point in time and has an impact on our daily office and the development of the enterprise.

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