What are the wiring methods of integrated wiring


Integrated wiring has existed for a long time. From the earliest telephone lines to the current network cables, optical fibers, etc., through the pace of time, integrated wiring has already become a complementary relationship with the data center. As long as there is a data center, there must be The patronage of integrated wiring, then, how many wiring methods are there in general wiring? How to realize management?


If the integrated wiring is divided from the connection method, it can be divided into two wiring methods:

direct connection

In this mode, only one patch panel is deployed in the link, which is also called "single distribution" mode. The RJ45 port on the front of the rack-mounted module is connected to the switch through a jumper, and the back is connected to the work area module through a horizontal line (that is, a twisted pair).


The advantage of this connection is cost savings. It should be noted that whether the link end-to-end detection can be realized is the key point. Many electronic distribution frame systems using this method on the market cannot actually detect the connection status of the switch side. The system cannot determine whether the jumper on the switch side is connected or whether it is connected to the wrong port.

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In fact, this system does not have the function of full-link detection. If only the jumper on the switch port is unplugged, and the plug on the patch panel remains untouched, the link is broken, but the system cannot detect it, and the administrator cannot know the situation in time. Similarly, if the wrong port is inserted or unplugged on the switch side, the system cannot detect and prompt, the power distribution system will not play the expected early warning function, and it will be of little significance to the administrator's daily maintenance and troubleshooting.


So when we decide to use the direct connection method, we must pay attention to whether the system can detect the link on the switch side. In fact, in Europe and the United States, users hardly adopt this method.



The cross-connect method is also known as the "double-matching" method. As the name implies, two patch panels are deployed in the link. This method is shown in Figure 4. The port of the network switch will have a jumper connected to the rear of the A-rack module, and the work area module will also be connected to the rear of the B-rack module through a horizontal link. These two lines are It is fixed, and the connection of the ports at both ends is also one-to-one. The two lines are connected through the front ports of the A and B distribution frames. All the jumper work only occurs on the front ports of the A and B distribution frames.


The construction cost of this connection method is slightly higher than that of the direct connection method, but compared with the cost of the entire electrical distribution, the increase is limited. More importantly, the cross-connection method can realize complete end-to-end link detection, especially to detect whether there is a connection at the switch end and whether there is a jumper connection error, which can save a lot of time when the administrator is troubleshooting; The port plugging and unplugging errors on the network switch reduce the operation of the network system directly on the switch, and greatly improve the reliability of the system. This method is recommended in the TIA-568D standard, and is also widely used by most projects in Europe and the United States.


Although the integrated wiring is very simple, it is actually a difficult task. Because of the difficult management of the integrated wiring, it has also caused countless headaches for the management of the computer room.


Under these conditions, how to better prepare the data center and the integrated wiring of the data center has become a major problem in the data center computer room. E-Communication has professional personnel and the overall data center solution can help you. Better solve the problem of integrated wiring and make your data center more concise and safe.


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