Data Center Deployment of Optical Cables and MTP/MPO


How much do we know about deploying fiber optic cables in conjunction with MTP/MPO connectors in the data center? 12-fiber ribbon cable is a common type of fiber optic cable used in data centers. Both ends of the fiber optic cable can be easily terminated with MTP/MPO connectors or simplex/duplex connectors. The MTP/MPO connector is a multi-core connector that can accommodate 12, 24 or even more optical fibers, and has the advantages of high density, high precision, and compact structure (smaller than SC connectors).


Data center deployment of fiber optic cables

At present, MTP/MPO connectors on the market are usually pre-terminated products, that is, MTP/MPO connectors are often pre-terminated at one or both ends of the ribbon fiber. Pre-terminated MTP/MPO ribbon cable has the characteristics of high performance, low insertion loss and high wiring density, and is widely favored by data center managers. The use of pre-terminated MTP/MPO ribbon cable in data centers not only has high transmission rate, The stability is strong, and the wiring system is greatly simplified.


In general, data centers generally use pre-terminated MTP/MPO ribbon fiber products and ribbon cables for wiring, and MTP/MPO branch fiber jumpers are pre-terminated MTP/MPO connectors at one end of the cable and terminated at the other end. Simplex/Duplex Connector (LC/SC), this fiber optic cable is suitable for cabling between 10G network equipment and 40/100G equipment.

mpo lc

MTP/MPO branch fiber patch cord

Cabling using MTP/MPO trunk fiber patch cords and MTP/MPO breakout modules


Both ends of the MTP/MPO trunk fiber jumper are pre-terminated with MTP/MPO connectors, which are often used in the trunk wiring of data centers. The front panel of the MTP/MPO adapter module box provides multiple simplex/duplex LC/SC interfaces, and the rear panel provides 1-2 MTP/MPO interfaces. The MTP/MPO to LC/SC branch fiber jumper is pre-installed in the box , mainly used for the transfer between MTP/MPO trunk fiber jumpers and LC/SC fiber jumpers. MTP/MPO trunk fiber patch cords are often used together with MTP/MPO transfer module boxes to achieve interconnection and cross-connection between network devices.


We know that due to the increasing demand for bandwidth, the number of cables for network equipment in the data center is increasing, and the wiring space in the data center is very limited, which will undoubtedly cause greater pressure on the cooling system , and cause a lot of inconvenience to work such as cable removal. The use of ribbon optical cables can effectively solve these problems. According to statistics, compared with ordinary optical cables, the deployment of ribbon optical cables in data centers can save 45% of the wiring space.


MTP/MPO connector

High speed and high density are the trends of data center development in the future. Ribbon fiber optic cables can meet these two requirements at the same time and play an important role in data centers. Finite is a leading supplier of MTP/MPO connection components. ZR Cable produces and sells a variety of MTP/MPO connection components, including MTP/MPO connectors, adapters, fiber optic terminal boxes, junction boxes, adapter boards and fiber optic distribution frames, etc. The quality is up to standard and the quality is guaranteed, and the cost-effective value is worth it trust.


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