Optical fiber connector composition material


With the development of the Internet, we have long been inseparable from the network today, of course, we have to mention optical fiber. In fact, we know very little about network fiber information. Let's briefly talk about what the fiber optic connector does and what the material of the fiber optic connector is!


What is the role of fiber optic connectors

Optical fiber connectors are divided into many types according to the structure of their connectors, such as FC, SC, ST, LC and other types of connectors. However, the same is true. The core components of various types of fiber optic connectors are the same, and high-precision components, namely, two pins and a coupling tube, are used to achieve fiber alignment and connection.


The emergence of various types of optical fiber connectors solves the difficult problem of optical fiber connection under different conditions. In order to adapt to various environments, the performance characteristics of optical fiber connectors become very important. For example, the optical performance, interchangeability, repeatability, and its tensile strength and temperature adaptability of fiber optic connectors have specific requirements.


Among them, the optical performance is the most important, which determines the transmission power of the optical fiber. Since the optical fiber connector is a passive device, it is a kind of general device, which requires that the optical fiber connector must be used in any combination and reused, that is, the interchangeability and repeatability of the optical fiber connector are better. In addition, there are requirements in the industry: the tensile strength of optical fiber connectors must not be lower than 90N, and the normal operating temperature range of optical fiber connectors must be between -40°C and 70°C.

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After understanding the composition and main performance of optical fiber connectors, it is not difficult for us to think of the role of optical fiber connectors: optical fiber connectors realize the low-loss connection between optical fibers and optical fibers or between optical fibers and cables, and serve the purpose of optical fiber connection pairs. The effects of signals enable our communication transmissions to be efficiently transmitted in different environments. And different models of fiber optic connectors meet our needs in different fiber optic connection situations.


What is the material of the optical fiber connector?

Mainly PEI, polyetherimide, amber transparent solid, without any addition, it has inherent flame retardancy and low smoke, the combustion grade is UL94-V-0, and the density is 1.28~1.42g/cm3.


PEI resins are high performance amorphous engineering thermoplastics that combine high performance with excellent processing characteristics, combining high heat resistance with high strength, modulus and broad chemical resistance.


SABIC is recommended on the famous brand. Specifically, you can check PEI's most complete list of Chinese cultural relics on the search network, and check the real-time inventory of different models.


The above is the whole content of the function of the optical fiber connector and the composition of the optical fiber connector. Through the above understanding of the optical fiber connector, we can see that the optical fiber connector has excellent performance and outstanding function, and its application The scope will go beyond just implementing fiber optic connections.

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