The main way to clean fiber and fiber accessories


With the development of science and technology, the construction of "fiber-to-the-home", "smart city" and other projects, the application of optical fiber and optical fiber accessories is more and more widely. But there will always be glitches in fiber optic accessories, and none of those glitches seem to matter. But if there is a "what if", the cost to us will be huge. Therefore, no matter where we consider it, we need to minimize the risk. Among the small problems of optical fiber accessories, there is also a talk about cleaning, so let's take a look at it.


Fiber Cleaning

If you are new to fiber optic products, you will have questions. The fiber optic product already has a dust cover. Why do you need to clean it before testing and use?


Here's a breakdown for you: fiber optic connectors, jumpers, pigtails, and adapters are shipped with dust caps. In addition to ensuring the cleanliness of the connector, the function of the dust cap is to protect the end face of the optical fiber connector and avoid damaging the connector by directly contacting the end face of the connector.


Dust caps should only be removed during installation, testing, and use. Once the dust cap is removed, the fiber optic connector must be coupled with another cleaned fiber optic connector. As a result, there is a misconception that "it is protected by a dust cap and does not need to be cleaned before use".

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Because it is impossible to determine whether the end face is clean before the dust cap is put on, and the dust cap itself is not necessarily clean. Good construction practice is to clean fiber optic connectors even if dust caps are present. After testing a fiber link, please install the dust cap immediately, otherwise the link must be re-tested before use.


As far as the current situation is concerned, the main methods of cleaning optical fibers are to use alcohol and non-woven fabrics. You can choose ordinary industrial alcohol and wipe with non-fiber tissue paper or non-woven fabrics.


In addition, you can also choose optical fiber cleaning liquid. Professional optical fiber cleaning liquid has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, flame retardant, insulating, and fast volatilization. The price is higher than that of alcohol. higher occasions. In addition, there are also cleaners for various optical fiber products on the market, you can refer to them.


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