What is the difference between single-mode fiber optic cable and multi-mode fiber optic cable?


What single-mode fiber optic cables actually use for transmission is an intermediate fiber core, called an optical fiber. That is, single-mode optical cable is composed of optical fiber + outer sheath + intermediate medium. In fiber optic communications, a single-mode fiber (SMF) is an optical fiber that directly transmits optical signals in the transverse mode. Single-mode fiber operates at a data rate of 100M/s or 1 G/s, and the transmission distance can reach at least 5 kilometers.


Single-mode fiber: The central glass core is very thin (the core diameter is generally 9 or 10 μm), and only one mode of fiber can be transmitted. Therefore, its intermodal dispersion is very small, which is suitable for long-distance communication, but there are also material dispersion and waveguide dispersion, so the single-mode fiber has higher requirements on the spectral width and stability of the light source, that is, the spectral width should be narrow and stable. Be good.


Multimode fiber optic cables are mainly used for short distance fiber optic communications, such as in buildings or campuses. The typical transmission speed is 100M/s, the transmission distance can reach 2km, 1 G/s can reach 1000m, and 10 G/s can reach 550m. There are two types of indices of refraction: graded index and step index.


Multimode fiber: Fiber that transmits multiple modes at a given operating wavelength.


According to the distribution of its refractive index, it is divided into abrupt type and graded type. Since there are hundreds of modes transmitted in multimode fiber, the propagation constants and group rates of each mode are different, which makes the bandwidth of the fiber narrow, the dispersion large, and the loss also large. It is only suitable for short-to-medium distance and small-capacity optical fiber communication systems .

fiber optic cable

What is the difference between single-mode fiber optic cable and multi-mode fiber optic cable?

Model: GYFTY, GYFTZY are generally multi-mode; GYXTW, GYTS are generally single-mode.


Color: Indoor multi-mode optical cable is orange, indoor single-mode optical cable is yellow.


Identification: MM is multi-mode, SM is single-mode.


Transmission mode: Distinguish according to the transmission mode of light in the fiber.

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