24 core fiber optic distribution frame


When the cable has excess at both ends, it should be cut to the required length, not rolled up and bundled. The distance between the unwound segments at the joint of the cable should not exceed 2 cm. Too long will cause greater near-end crosstalk. During the certification test, NEXT NEXT will fail. At the splice, the outer protective layer of the cable needs to be pressed into the splice and not outside the splice.


Because when the cable is pulled by the outside world, the entire cable is stressed, otherwise the metal part of the cable and the connector is stressed, which will make the connection between the connector and the module unstable. In the construction of cable wiring, the pulling force of the cable is limited, generally about 9 kg. Please confirm the tension with the cable supplier. Excessive tension will destroy the symmetry of the cable twist.


When some construction workers are making lines, they do not hit the lines according to the 568A or 568B line-making skills, but according to the 1, 2 lines against white and orange, 3, 4 lines against white and green, 5, 5, 6 lines are matched against white and blue, and 7 and 8 lines are matched against white and brown. Such lines can ensure smooth lines during construction, but their line indicators are very poor, especially at the near end. The crosstalk index is particularly poor, which can lead to serious signal leakage, difficulty in accessing the Internet and indirect interruptions. Therefore, the project manager must remind the production workers not to make such mistakes.

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General wiring skills

In the integrated wiring system, steel pipes should be used as far as possible for the pipelines of horizontal cables, and bridges should be used as far as possible for the laying of trunk cables. Indirect ground jumper works. In such a pipeline, we lay unshielded cables and large logarithmic cables in it, which can play an effective shielding role, reduce the impact of external interference on the signal transmission of the integrated wiring system, and make up for the deficiencies of the unshielded wiring system.


When installing the wire duct, various considerations should be taken, try to install the wire duct in the ceiling of the corridor, and the branch pipes to each room should be properly concentrated near the manhole for easy maintenance. The centralized wiring construction should be done in front of the corridor ceiling, which not only reduces the wiring time, but also facilitates the protection of the worn cables and does not affect the interior decoration. Generally, the corridor is in the middle position, and the average distance of wiring is the shortest, which saves the cost of cables, improves the performance of integrated wiring (the shorter the wire, the higher the transmission quality), and try to avoid the wire slot entering the room. Otherwise, it will not only cost the wire, but also affect the room decoration. , which is not conducive to future maintenance.


In actual construction, the connection problem of 25 pairs or 100 pairs of large logarithmic cables is often encountered, which is not easy to distinguish. Here, we will provide simple parameters for everyone. Take 25 pairs of cables as an example. The cable has five basic colors, the order is white, red, black, yellow, and purple, and each basic color includes five color sequences, namely blue, orange, green, brown, and gray. That is, the order of all line pairs 1 to 25 is white-blue, white-orange, white-green, white-brown, white-gray...purple-blue, purple-orange, purple-green, purple-brown, purple-gray.


For 100 pairs of cables, use 25 pairs of cables as an example. The 100-pair cable is divided into four 25-pair groups with blue, orange, green, and brown ribbons, and each group is wound with each other in the above manner, and we can distinguish 100 wire pairs. In this way, we can hit the terminals of the 110 patch panel one by one. As long as the same general wiring sequence is used in the management room and the equipment room, and then the cable identification work is done, it can be easily used for transmission. phone.


ZR Cable has always been adhering to the tenet of making conscientious products for users' trust. All optical fiber products are fully inspected from material selection, procurement to raw materials entering the factory to ensure that all materials meet safety standards, achieve sustainable green production, and improve the establishment and development of a national multi-warehouse system. Inventory in key developed areas, providing customers with faster transportation services, has won the trust of countless users so far.


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