How to splicing fiber optic cables


Leather cable fusion has always been a difficult knowledge for many friends to understand, because the level of the connection personnel will directly affect the size of the connection loss. So, how to weld the leather cable? What are the steps of splicing fiber optic cables?


How to splicing fiber optic cables

The first step is to strip the optical cable and fix the optical cable into the splice box. When fixing multi-bundle tube-layer optical cables, each bundle of tubes should be placed in order to avoid twisting. Insert the optical cable into the splice box, and the steel wire must be pressed tightly without loosening.


The second step is to pass the fiber through the heat shrink tube. Separate the fibers of different tube bundles and colors and pass them through the heat-shrinkable tube. The fiber optic cable that has been stripped of the coating is fragile. Use heat shrink tubing to protect the fiber optic connector.


The third step is to turn on the power of the fusion splicer and select the appropriate fusion splicing method. The power supply of the fusion splicer has two types: DC and AC, which should be switched reasonably according to the type of power supply current.


The fourth step is to make the fiber end face. The quality of the fiber end face will directly affect the quality of the connection, so it is necessary to make a qualified end face before fusion splicing.


Step 5: Clean the bare fiber. Tear the cotton into small pieces with a flat surface, stick a little alcohol, clamp the stripped fiber, and wipe the fiber axially with moderate force. Use different parts and layers of the cotton each time. , which can improve the utilization rate of cotton.

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The sixth step, the cutting of bare fibers, first clean the cutter and adjust the position of the cutter. The placement of the cutter should be stable. When cutting, the action should be natural and stable, not heavy or light. Avoid bad end faces such as broken fibers, bevels, burrs and cracks.


What are the welding steps of the leather cable

1. Strip the optical cable and fix the optical cable to the fiber reel frame.


2. Pass the fiber optic cables through the heat shrinkable tube respectively. After splicing is complete, the fiber splice can be protected with heat shrink tubing.


3. Turn on the power supply of the leather wire welding machine and set the appropriate welding method.


4. Prepare the fiber end face. The quality of the fiber end face will directly affect the connection quality, so before fusion splicing, you must first make a qualified end face. Use a special cable stripping tool to peel off the cable layer, and then wipe the bare fiber with a clean linen cloth or cotton dipped in alcohol for several times, and use a precision fiber cleaver to cut the fiber. , the cutting length is 8mm-16mm, for 0.9mm (outer coating) fiber, the cutting length can only be 16mm.


5. Place the optical fiber. Put the fiber in the V-shaped groove of the fusion splicer, carefully press the fiber clamp and the fiber clamp, set the position of the fiber in the clamp according to the fiber cutting length, and put it into the draft shield correctly.


6. Connect the optical fiber. After pressing the splicing key, the fibers move toward each other. During the moving process, a short discharge is generated to clean the surface of the fiber. When the gap between the fiber end faces is appropriate, the fusion splicer stops moving toward each other, and the initial gap is set. The fusion splicer measures and displays the cut. angle. After the initial gap setting is completed, the core or cladding alignment is performed, then the fusion splicer reduces the gap (final gap setting), the arc generated by the high voltage discharge fuses the left fiber into the right fiber, and finally the microprocessor Calculate the loss and display the value on the display. If the estimated loss value is higher than expected, it can be discharged again and the splicer will still calculate the loss after discharge.


7. Remove the fiber and reinforce the fiber with a heater. Open the windshield, connect the machine and store the welding data at the same time.


8. Coil and fix. Put the spliced ​​optical fiber on the optical fiber storage tray, fix the optical fiber, the storage tray, the splice box, the terminal box, etc., and the optical fiber fusion is completed.


The above is the whole content of how to splicing the fiber optic cable and the steps of splicing the fiber optic cable. The splicing personnel should strictly follow the process flow chart of the fiber optic fusion splicing process, and during the splicing process, they should use the OTDR to test the splice loss of the splicing point.


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