What are the hot technologies in integrated wiring


For the term integrated wiring, many people may not know much, or even have never heard of it. In fact, integrated wiring is extremely common in our daily life, and even our life is inseparable from integrated wiring. So, what are the hotspot technologies for integrated wiring?


What is general wiring

Integrated wiring is a modular, highly flexible information transmission channel within or between buildings. Through it, voice equipment, data equipment, switching equipment and various control equipment can be connected with the information management system, and at the same time, these equipments can be connected with the external communication network.


It also includes all cables and related connection components between the connection point of the network or telecommunication line outside the building and the application system equipment. Integrated wiring consists of components of different series and specifications, including: transmission media, related connection hardware (such as patch panels, connectors, sockets, plugs, adapters) and electrical protection equipment. These components can be used to build a variety of subsystems, all of which have their own specific purpose, are easy to implement, and can be upgraded smoothly as needs change.

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Integrated wiring hotspot technology

What are the hot technologies in integrated wiring

First, the application of Category 6A, Category 7, and Category 7A cabling to support the transmission requirements of 10 Gigabit networks.


Second, the application of OM3, OM4 multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber, fiber-to-desktop, fiber-to-user, and fiber-to-civil building user unit, fiber has the advantages of transmission distance and information security. It cooperates with the entry system to form a multi-service platform, which provides conditions for the access of broadband information.


The optical fiber distribution system is mainly developed according to the user's demand for business, the demand for the network, and the demand for the image. In the future, in everyone's network home, a large number of optical fibers will be used, and its advantages such as good security, fast speed, strong anti-interference ability, fast transmission speed, and high transmission quality have been recognized. The application of optical fiber is a trend, which is no problem technically, the key is the price of the optical port of the network equipment.


Third, shield the wiring system. Considering information security, there are many applications of this type of wiring system. For example, some governments, banks, and confidential departments that have high security requirements usually use shielding systems.


Fourth, electronic patch panels and management software. The electronic distribution frame mainly manages the ports directly in real time, and records the usage at any time through hardware and software. It is mainly to ensure the security of the network, and at the same time, it can save the amount of operation and maintenance, greatly reduce the maintenance cost, and improve the work efficiency.


Fifth, an end-to-end solution. It is to provide a comprehensive solution from the port of one work area to the port of another work area or with the external network, which makes the application very convenient for users. Now many wiring manufacturers are doing this from the perspective of building electrical. overall service.


Sixth, the room wiring. The data center computer room wiring that everyone is concerned about has different requirements from office wiring, emphasizing the wiring and environment of the computer room. Special emphasis is placed on regional wiring, and the level of product selection is also high.


Seventh, high-density devices are used. The volume of optical and electrical plug-in device modules is reduced, the installation density is increased, and the manufacturing process level is improved, so that the function remains unchanged, but the space occupied is reduced, especially in the application of data center wiring engineering.


Eighth, the power wiring system uses the wire pairs of the integrated wiring to transmit signals and provide power. There are two ways to use integrated wiring for power supply, one is to supply power to two pairs of lines, and the two pairs of lines transmit signals, and the other is to transmit signals and power supply at the same time. It is very advantageous to use the TCP/IP protocol for the terminal equipment of the network, which can greatly reduce the power sockets of strong electricity.


Ninth, industrial-grade wiring. Industrial-grade wiring products need to ensure the normal transmission of information in harsh environments. For example, under outdoor conditions, the production site of industrial and mining enterprises. Industrial-grade wiring puts forward higher requirements on plug-in devices in terms of waterproof and dust-proof, so it provides the basic conditions for the application of information network in industrial production.


Tenth, the application of high flame retardant cable, although the cost of this type of product is high, it can lay the cable open, which is conducive to maintenance and system expansion. For this type of product, our choice of fire rating does not depend entirely on the material, but only needs to meet the corresponding fire test standards. At present, these products are more widely used in some special places such as airports and hospitals.


Eleventh, home wiring system. There are two concepts: one is to complete only the wiring and management functions, and the other is to complete the wiring management function and store, process and exchange various information. Domestic manufacturers have been relatively successful in home wiring, which is more in line with China's situation. The home wiring system can play a positive role in the integration of information networks and the integration of residential wiring pipelines, and it also meets the requirements of national regulations and policies. This point, should make correct propaganda and guidance to real estate developers. As an industry, home wiring will have certain development prospects as long as it adapts to China's national conditions, the application of developers, and the needs of users.


Twelfth, the use of high-precision engineering test instruments and signs. With the improvement of the level of the wiring system, for the detection of wiring channels and links, the accuracy of the instruments used is higher, and the requirements for the localization of the recorded documents will also be proposed. The correct representation of the label content and the selection of label materials in the project provide a guarantee for the normal operation and maintenance of the project.


The above is the whole content of the hotspot technologies in integrated wiring. In fact, the so-called integrated wiring system refers to the preparation and arrangement of the communication of various systems in various buildings (or building groups) in a standard, unified and simple structured way. Lines, including network systems, telephone systems, monitoring systems, power systems and lighting systems, etc. Therefore, the integrated wiring system is a standard and general information transmission system.


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