Weak current wiring is more stressful, pay attention


Precautions for weak current wiring:

1. In order to avoid interference, weak wires and strong wires should keep a certain distance. The national standard stipulates that the horizontal distance between power cables and sockets and TV cables and sockets should not be less than 50 cm.


2. Fully consider potential needs and reserve sockets. For example, you can also consider reserving TV signal sockets in the dining room or kitchen, and maybe reserve telephone line sockets in the bathroom.


3. In order to facilitate future inspection and maintenance, try to concentrate the control of the phone and network in the home in a convenient location for inspection, and then divide it into various rooms from this location. Of course, it is best to use the wireless network and wireless phone I mentioned earlier. plan is more convenient.


4. The network cables should be laid out at the same time as the interior decoration as much as possible. In order to prevent the corrosion of the network cable by the building materials, first dig a wall groove of about 4cm along the wall, put the network cable into the PVC pipe, bury it in the wall groove, and then decorate the wall.


5. All cables need to be laid with PVC pipe sets, and try to avoid cable twisting and 90-degree straight bends during the threading process.

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6. Try not to lay out the network cable in parallel with the AC power cable, and keep a distance of more than 20cm between the socket and the power socket. In order to prevent the magnetic field interference generated by the alternating current.


7. The network cable is different from ordinary cables. In order to ensure higher bandwidth, the quality of the network cable is required to be higher. It is necessary to use more than five types of cables, and the connection of the network cable must be terminated by special modules and connectors.


8. It is required that the length of the network cable in each room should not exceed 40 meters, and no joints should be made in the middle.


9. The home network line can be placed in the weak current box embedded at the entrance of the hall together with the home phone line.


Before the decoration, everyone DX has to design the electrical equipment placement to the wiring design, but you must look at it, otherwise, hehe... So the first thing we need to do is to draw a floor plan of the room, and then put all the planned The information points are marked on the map, and then the lines that need to be connected are drawn into the map, and the lengths of various cables are roughly calculated (it is better to be one zhang longer than one inch short).


The purchase of materials is mainly based on PVC pipes and various wires. The requirements of the wires are: strong and good quality. The network cable, of course, needless to say, no matter whether the speed of 1000M is needed in the future, it is best to buy the super-category 5 twisted pair, and the telephone line will be directly replaced by the twisted pair. Because all kinds of cables have to be pre-buried in the ground or in the wall for long-term use and cannot be replaced at will, the quality of the cables is particularly important. Do not try to save money for a while, but buy cables from regular channels. Remember! Remember!


Construction Details:

One more thing that should be paid attention to in that everyone can see if the DXs invited are prospective professionals according to this standard. These are the details of construction....


1. Before wiring, labels with information point labels should be attached to both ends of each wire, and the writing must be correct, clear, and the labels are firm, not easy to fall off and retreat.


2. The wires in the wire trough must be fixed without bending. When there are multiple bundles of wires, they should be placed neatly and should not be twisted. When placing the wires, do not use too much force to avoid breaking the wires.


3. When the wire is in the outlet of the pipe and the slot of the wire, it must be protected to avoid damage to the wire.


4. Fire prevention measures should be taken when open flame operations (such as electric welding and oxygen cutting) are encountered around wires, pipes and trunkings to avoid burns and burnt wires.


5. There should be a certain margin at both ends of the wire:


(1) There should be a margin of 0.2-0.3 meters at the outlet of the socket.


(2) At the wiring cabinet, when the wire goes from top to bottom, the length of the wire should be pulled diagonally to the corner of the ground, and when the wire is from bottom to top, it should be pulled diagonally to the corner of the top of the wall.


(3) When terminating the Cat5e information socket, the distance between the stripping head of the Cat5e cable and the outer skin should be as short as possible, and it needs to be rotated one more week in the direction of twisting and twisting to ensure that the twisting degree of the Cat5e cable is not damaged during termination. , so as to affect its super five transmission standards.


(4)When reserving the bottom socket of the information socket, put a rubber protective cover at the entrance of the branch pipe or grind off the quick opening at the interface to ensure that the horizontal line will not be damaged by the quick opening at the entrance when the horizontal line is introduced.


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