Reasons for failing data center fiber test values


The data center is the core area of ​​data exchange and storage to provide services for key data operations, and requires high reliability of the system. Usually, users spare no expense to adopt higher-end product technical solutions, especially the wiring system of the data center. The overall investment of the system has a small proportion, but it determines the stability requirements of the data center's transmission of the largest proportion.


For a good-quality cabling system, especially a high-end fiber optic cabling system, to achieve the expected effect, there are the following problems that need special attention during construction. These problems will affect the performance of the entire fiber link, and to some extent determine whether the data center can meet the due standard or the ideal standard originally designed by the owner.


Data Center Fiber Testing

End face cleaning

Nowadays, many construction teams do not clean the end face before inserting the jumper, or unplug the dust cap and then plug it again after a period of time. This method is inappropriate. Because in the construction environment, there is a lot of fine dust, which is invisible to the naked eye. In order to avoid affecting the test value too much, it is best to remove the dust cap and use dust-free paper to dip in 90% alcohol to clean the end face. , Dust-free paper cannot be cleaned with paper towels or cotton balls; advanced equipment can also be used for end-face inspection, such as hand-held (probe-type) fiber optic video magnifiers for end-face inspection or alcohol cleaning sticks.


Improper construction

Improper construction mainly means that the construction is mostly caused by improper construction methods or accidental damage to network cables. Most importantly, the bend radius of the cable is not enforced according to the specification. More and more data centers use high-density distribution frames, which makes construction more difficult. In order to better avoid affecting the test value of the entire link due to the bending radius problem, during construction Be sure to pay attention to the bend radius of the cable. If necessary, it is best to carry out system installation training before construction.

fiber optic cable

construction environment

The interior decoration process often brings dust, and you can see a thick layer of dust on the cabinet or the floor. In this environment, the basic wiring that has been completed, especially the basic wiring of the computer rooms at all levels will is a serious challenge that has plagued system integrators as well as users for quite some time. Generally, the machine room will be cleaned before entering the construction site to make good preparations for the construction. During construction, wear shoe covers as much as possible, and strictly implement the cleaning and sanitation system and the system of changing shoes when entering and leaving the machine room.


Connector or device quality problem (tender)

Generally speaking, one end of the connector at the 2 end of the jumper is connected to the patch panel of the MDA, and the other end is connected to the switch. Problems at either end will affect the test value of its entire channel, so you must look for qualifications when making preliminary bids, and it is best to let the manufacturer show some qualification certificates, mainly providing jumpers, optical fiber SFP modules and optical fiber distribution frames, etc. International third-party certification agencies (such as UL, ETL) and domestic authoritative testing agencies such as the Ministry of Information Industry test report, and the tested product model is consistent with the bidding product model, and can provide the corresponding qualification certificate; the comprehensive selected by the bidder Cabling manufacturers should have ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.


Test instrument problems and test misuse

Test and check the instruments and tools that need to be used in the project before the test. The test instrument should be calibrated by the corresponding measurement department to obtain a certificate before it can be used within the validity period. The accuracy of the test instrument should meet the corresponding standards, and the accuracy should be regularly checked and calibrated in accordance with the corresponding identification procedures and calibration methods. During the test, the corresponding test standard (method) should be selected for testing. For example, the optical link should first check whether it is single-mode or single-mode to avoid misoperation.



As a good integrator or construction team, you must implement construction in strict accordance with the specifications (standards). Before entering the construction site, it is best to go through the manufacturer's product training before construction. This will not only understand the characteristics of the manufacturer's products, but also remind you The integrator or construction team should pay attention to the places during construction to avoid excessive test performance of the optical fiber link due to construction problems.


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