How to install the optical fiber quick connector correctly


The most troublesome part of the optical fiber is that it is relatively fragile, and the signal will be broken if you squeeze or bend it a little. The optical fiber connector is the optical fiber line and the optical cat connector. It is not as durable as the asld telephone line connector we used before. Optical fiber quick connectors are easily damaged, and each replacement requires a maintenance fee of 100 yuan. In fact, friends with better hands-on ability can try to make connectors by themselves, and the cost of replacement can be greatly reduced. Next, ZR Cable will introduce to you how to install the optical fiber quick connector.


The installation of optical fiber quick connectors is divided into two types: hot splicing and cold splicing. Hot splicing requires a hot splicing machine and a higher technical grasp, which is not very suitable for laypeople. Here is the cold splicing method. We only need an optical fiber cutting machine. Many gods can connect the connectors with needle-nose pliers. It is not recommended to use this high-tech method here.


ZR Cable Optical Fiber Quick Connector

The first step is to prepare the tools. We will prepare the prepared cleaver and quick connector, open the previous connector, and see if the pre-buried optical fiber is broken inside. If the fiber is not broken inside, we only need to carefully take out the fiber, then put the newly made fiber head in, and cover the snap cover. In most cases, the embedded fiber line is broken in the connector, which means that the connector can no longer be reused and needs to be replaced with a new one.

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The second step is to make the adapter. Let's first observe the structure of the connector: a blue shell, a cable gland on the black optical fiber cold connector, and a screw cap of the connector at the end. After knowing the structure of fiber optic connectors, let's make fiber optic connectors. Pull the optical fiber out of the sheath, and pay attention that the optical fiber cable cannot be bent, otherwise it will not work. After removing the outer skin, we put the screw cap on the fiber optic fiber, and leave it alone after putting it on.


Strip a piece of bare wire larger than 22mm from the outer sheath of the fiber, this is because we'll be using a 22mm fiber tip later. After stripping, we must use a fiber cutter here, which is inexpensive and relatively easy to buy. Put the fiber tip on the cleaver and cut off the part more than 22mm. After the above steps, a standard fiber optic connector is ready.


The third step is to connect the adapter and the fiber. Insert the fiber tip through the hole at the back of the connector to a depth where the fiber is slightly bent. Do not use too much force when placing, so as to avoid breakage. Next, cover the cover of the quick connector to fix the optical fiber connector, and then screw on the screw cap of the optical fiber quick connector to fix it.


The installation steps of the optical fiber quick connector are not complicated, but the technical requirements for the installer are relatively high. Optical fibers have relatively high requirements on cleanliness. If they are damaged during installation, there will be poor signal or interrupted faults. On the Internet, I saw some friends use their fingernails to strip and cut the wires. This method is not feasible and will cause contamination of the optical fiber. If the fiber optic quick connector you made doesn't work, it's probably because the fiber was dirty or broken due to carelessness during installation.


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