How to connect the fiber to the home router


Someone asked me how to connect the router with fiber to the home? The answer is actually not difficult. The simplest answer is to plug the optical fiber into the optical cat, and then plug the crystal head drawn from the network cable from the optical cat's network port (LAN port) directly to the WAN port of the router, and then you can access the Internet. Yes, of course, you may need to debug it, just set the IP address and it will be OK.


To explain in detail, in the community, the optical fibers of telecom operators on the market now have a unified port in several fixed places. For example, many times there is a port on the tenth or twentieth floor. It is the optical fiber port that needs to be connected to each household separately. Each household has a weak current box with a good optical fiber cable. The user end can achieve broadband Internet access through the router dial-up.


fiber optic home access router

Strictly speaking, this is not considered fiber-to-the-home, it can only be regarded as fiber-to-the-building, and fiber-to-the-home is achieved through the optical cat device. Why use the optical modem? Because the optical fiber cable cannot be directly connected to the router, when the optical fiber enters the home, the function of the optical modem is to convert the signal, and then connect to the optical modem through the router to achieve Internet access. If the optical fiber broadband in the residential building is greater than 100M, then we need to choose Gigabit when selecting optical modems, routers, and network cables.

ftth cable

It should be noted that if the optical fiber has been connected, but the mobile phone and computer still cannot access the Internet after connecting to the router, the biggest reason should be the failure of the router to connect to the Internet. And usually the broadband of fiber-to-the-building is shared, which means that many homes share a fiber, and the network speed depends on how many users in the building are using the network at the same time.


Fiber to the home needs to be divided into different rooms. At this time, you can choose wireless or wired mode, but Xiaobian recommends that you choose wireless mode, which is convenient for networking, and you don’t need to pull cables everywhere, saving space.


If you use the wired mode, you can use the router's LAN port, and the crystal head of the household line can be connected to the router's LAN port. Generally, routers have multiple LAN ports, which can achieve network coverage in different rooms.


Of course, there is another way to set the light cat to routing mode. There are LAN1, LAN2, and LAN3 ports behind the light cat. These three ports all have the network. Just connect the network cable to each room, so you can save money. money to buy a router.


What you must pay attention to when entering the home is that the crystal head of the network cable must be consistent with the line sequence of the home network cable, otherwise the network will be blocked easily.


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