Weak current integrated wiring specification and construction steps


The weak current integrated wiring specification and construction steps are not mastered by many people. It is not as simple as we think. The construction of the integrated wiring system should choose a reasonable solution according to the actual situation. In addition, there is also a relatively accurate 15-year forecast of user needs and environmental interference. At the same time, it is also necessary to conduct necessary investigation and research on other contents of the target, and select the category of the integrated wiring system that is related to the relevant communication systems. adapt.


Weak current integrated wiring

Weak current integrated wiring specification and construction steps

1. Investigate the site, including the wiring route, it is necessary to consider the concealment and damage to the building (the characteristics of the building structure), avoid power lines and other lines while using the existing space, and provide necessary and effective protection for cables requirements to ensure the workload and feasibility of the construction.


2. Planning, design and budget. Determine the route according to the above situation and apply for approval. If drilling and grooving work are required in the important bearing positions of the building, it is necessary to apply to the project management department, otherwise it will violate the construction regulations. The entire construction plan and the description of the degree of damage shall be approved by Party A and the management department. On the basis of the planning with the formal final permit procedures, the materials and labor shall be calculated, and the cost of management operations in the design and implementation shall be comprehensively considered, and the budget and construction period shall be proposed. and construction plans.

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3. Designate the person in charge of the project and the project supervisor to be responsible for planning material preparation, work preparation, cooperation requirements of the user, etc., put forward the timetable for the cooperation of various departments, and be responsible for the internal and external coordination of the construction organization and management.


4. On-site construction, on-the-job testing and sampling, and making a wiring marking system, the wiring marking system should follow the Reference Guide for Labeling and Marking of Commercial Building Telecommunications Infrastructure, and the marking must have a service period of more than ten years.


5. On-site certification test and make test report.


6. Acceptance and production of archived documents. Complete documents must be established in the above-mentioned links as part of the archived documents.


The above is the weak current integrated wiring specification and construction steps explained for everyone. I hope we can proceed from our own actual situation and carry out reasonable integrated wiring. ZR Cable has been focusing on the research and development and sales of optical fiber communication products for 12 years. The total number of optical communication products has exceeded 10,000, including standard products optical cables, optical fiber jumpers, mpo/mtp data centers, and optical fiber distribution frames. Wait, at ZR Cable you can buy all optical communication products in one stop.


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