The role of patch panels in weak current wiring


Weak current integrated wiring is by no means complete, but should also consider scalability and compatibility. You must know that in the integrated wiring system, modularization is a trend, not only the equipment should be modularized, but also the link design should be modularized sometimes.


Phones and network panels, or other network devices such as cameras, can be directly plugged into switches through network cables. In fact, there is no problem in doing so. In fact, many small projects also do this. With just a few network cables, there is really no need to configure it. Wire frame transfer.


However, when we switch to a large-scale weak current project, assuming that the construction has been completed, how should we deal with the following situations:

1. The office canceled some telephone interfaces and replaced them with network interfaces to accommodate more computers. At this time, the network cable must be removed from the program-controlled switch and inserted into the switch. The network cable is not long enough, and the difference is dozens of centimeters. The wiring of the cabinet is messy.


2. The equipment in the computer room has been upgraded, all switches have been replaced, the structure has changed, the location has changed, the network cable has been disrupted and re-inserted, the network cable is not long enough, and the difference is so tens of centimeters, and I don’t want to make the cabinet wiring very messy.


3. The function of some network cables in the A cabinet is adjusted. To connect to the B cabinet, the network cables are not long enough and do not want to mess up the layout.


4. The operation and maintenance personnel of the computer room do tests, plug and unplug the network cable many times, and worry that the switch port will be damaged by plugging and unplugging many times. What should I do?


At this time, the role of the patch panel is reflected:

Weak current wiring distribution frame

Taking the patch panel as the boundary, the cables of the switch do not move, and it is only realized by adjusting the jumper of the patch panel. Is it much more convenient? Plug and unplug the network cable many times, instead of plugging and unplugging on the switch, but plugging and unplugging the wiring. Does it protect the ports of the switch?


This is the role played by the actual use of the patch panel. The wiring system with long links is divided into several sections. When adjusting, only one section is adjusted, and there is no need to move the whole body. The distribution frame is the hub equipment of modular division. The rational use not only simplifies the construction, but also prepares for the later adjustment.


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