What are the reasons for the failure of optical cable lines


The interruption of the optical cable line caused by external factors or the optical fiber itself, which affects the communication service, is called the optical cable line fault. The interruption of optical cables does not necessarily lead to service interruption. Those that cause service interruption due to a fault are handled according to the fault repair procedure, and those that do not affect the service are dealt with according to the cutover procedure. So, what are the faults of optical cable lines? What are the reasons for the failure of optical cable lines?


Optical cable line failure

1 The fiber optic cable is completely broken

If there are reservations on both sides of the site, take centralized reservations and add a joint to deal with them;


If there is a connector near the fault point and there is enough reservation on site, take the method of pulling the reservation and using the original connector to deal with it;


There are neither reservations nor joints near the fault point, so it should be solved by means of continuation of the cable.

fiber optic cable

2 part of the fiber optic cable

Bundle tube break or part of fiber break in single bundle tube


The repair is based on the premise of not affecting other fibers in use. It is recommended to use the skylight connection method to repair the faulty fiber.


What are the reasons for the optical cable line

The reasons for the failure of optical cable lines can be roughly divided into four categories: external factors, natural disasters, defects of the optical cable itself and human factors.


1 Line failure caused by external factors

(1) Excavation by external force: To deal with the failure of the excavator construction, the optical cable of the pipeline is opened to check whether the optical cable is damaged in the manual well near the fault point, and the two-way test interrupts the optical cable


(2) Vehicle hang-up: When dealing with vehicle hang-up faults, two-way tests should be carried out on the optical cable at the fault point first to confirm the number of blocked optical cables, and then deal with them in a targeted manner.


(3) Shooting: This type of fault generally does not interrupt all optical fibers, but damages some parts of the optical cable or optical fibers, but it is more difficult to find such faults.


2 Line failures caused by natural disasters

Rat bites and bird pecks, fires, floods, strong winds, ice, lightning strikes, electric shocks


3 Line failure caused by the fiber itself

(1) Natural fiber breaking: Since the optical fiber is drawn from glass and plastic fibers, it is relatively fragile, and static fatigue will occur over time, and the optical fiber will gradually age, resulting in natural fiber breaking. Or water enters the splice box, resulting in increased fiber loss or even fiber breakage.


(2) Influence of ambient temperature: If the temperature is too low, the water in the splice box will freeze, and the optical cable sheath will shrink longitudinally, and the pressure will be applied to the optical fiber to generate micro-bending, which will increase the attenuation or interrupt the optical fiber. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the cable sheath and other protective materials and affect the characteristics of the optical fiber.


4 Line faults caused by human factors

(1) Work failure: human failure caused by technicians in maintenance, installation and other activities. For example, when the optical fiber is spliced, the optical fiber is scratched, and the bending radius of the optical fiber is too small; the running optical cable is cut off by mistake when the optical fiber is cut; the connection is not firm when the optical fiber is spliced, and the reinforcing core is not tightly fixed when the splice box is packaged. Broken fiber.


(2) Stealing: criminals steal and cut the optical cable, causing the optical cable to be blocked.


(3) Destruction: Deliberately sabotage, resulting in the blocking of the optical cable.


The above is the whole content of the faults of the optical cable lines and the reasons for the faults of the optical cable lines. I believe that you have a more comprehensive understanding of the faults of the optical cable lines and the reasons. I hope you can give some help. .


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