Integrated wiring system maintenance


The integrated wiring system is a set of information transmission channels pre-set for computers, communication facilities and monitoring systems in buildings or between buildings. It connects devices such as voice, data, and images to each other, and at the same time enables the above devices to be connected to external communication data networks. Its core is "integration", that is, each weak current system can use the integrated wiring system for information transmission.


Integrated wiring system maintenance management

Several points of attention for the maintenance and management of the computer room:

1. Beware of harmonics

Sometimes the data center computer room may experience unstable network operation during the peak period of network operation, which is manifested as frequent errors in data transmission between the server and the terminal, and the data update speed occasionally slows down, sometimes intermittently. Similar to this, sometimes the routing switching equipment will suddenly "shake", the data transmission is temporarily blank, and it seems that the network has been interrupted. After investigation, the real culprit behind the scenes was harmonics, and the root cause was the unreasonable layout of the power supply system in the company's computer room.

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First of all, it is necessary to regularly test the harmonic power content of the power supply and the network error rate. When an error frame is found, do not take it lightly. In addition, it is recommended that no more than 30 workstations can be driven by one power supply, otherwise the power supply area should be re-delimited like a network segment. In order to avoid excessive accumulation of internal harmonic power, exceeding the allowable range of the equipment. If the network reliability requirements are very high, or for some very critical networks, it is recommended that you select the main network equipment such as servers, routers, etc., to be powered by a separate UPS during network planning and design to eliminate the harmonics of other power sources. the impact of waves on it.


2. Corrosion of the link by air

The network link is exposed to the air. If the temperature, humidity, and wind speed of the equipment room do not meet the requirements, the link will be corroded. For example, optical fiber links are often ignored by everyone. Due to long-term exposure to the air, they are very eroded and polluted by water vapor and dust in the air. Usually, such network faults are difficult to judge and locate, and are greatly affected by environmental factors.


To prevent the occurrence of such failures, it is first necessary to improve the wiring in the equipment room, isolate the link from the air, and pay special attention to the joints of the links, which are the most prone to corrosion. Secondly, it is necessary to improve the environment of the computer room. In fact, the requirements of network equipment on the environment are relatively harsh. If conditions permit, monitor the temperature, humidity, wind speed and other parameters of the equipment room, and then adjust according to the situation. Finally, regular maintenance is also essential, at least twice a year, to replace the link damaged by corrosion.


3. Records are essential

Some computer room managers have very good skills but lack good habits, and are too arbitrary in the process of computer room management and maintenance. Not only do they not know enough about the number, operation, and network layout of the equipment in the computer room, but they also don't have the habit of making records after network configuration. The gaps in these management processes are fully exposed in the process of troubleshooting in the event of a network failure. Usually, the administrator is anxious but cannot locate the fault, and the work efficiency is very low.


The manager of the computer room should first record the equipment, and classify and record the equipment in the computer room. These records should be as detailed as possible. It is best to classify and file records in the form of tables, which can include the following: installation time, maintenance records, operating status, shelf life, etc. The second is the configuration record, which records the corresponding configuration information of the device. Such as connection port, account, password, etc. It is best to draw the network topology of the entire computer room, and then change it according to the adjustment of the layout. There are also some records that are also necessary, that is, the maintenance records of the network failure in the computer room. These records should be detailed, including downtime, symptoms, troubleshooting methods, and causes of errors. In actual work, these records are often ignored by some managers. In fact, these records are very helpful for subsequent network troubleshooting.


4. The lighting system cannot be ignored

Lighting system is an indispensable part in the construction of computer room. The lighting system of the computer room is not only different from the general factory lighting, but also different from the general office, conference room and home lighting. The lighting of the computer room has its own special requirements in addition to the performance that the general lighting should have. In particular, some computer rooms adopt a fully enclosed structure, and only artificial light sources can be used in the computer rooms without natural light sources. In this case, the good ring of the lighting system in the computer room is particularly important. The lighting quality of the computer room is good, not only affects the work efficiency and physical and mental health of computer operators and maintenance personnel, but also affects the reliable operation of the computer.


A standard computer room should be equipped with at least two sets of lighting systems. The first is general lighting, which comes from natural light sources from external celestial bodies and one is artificial lighting, that is, various lighting equipment. The requirements that should be met for general lighting are: the light is soft, suitable for the physiological needs of the human body, and the interference of the computer cannot be affected by the interference of the light source. In addition, be sure to prepare emergency lighting. In some special cases, when the normal lighting is extinguished due to a fault, the emergency lighting can provide convenience for the staff to deal with the fault in time and transfer the equipment.


5. The wiring is orderly and beautiful

The wiring in many computer rooms is disorganized. Under normal circumstances, the managers of the computer room are convenient or do not realize the importance of wiring, so most of them do not spend a lot of energy on it. The usual situation is that dozens of wires are entangled together like a mess. Such wiring is not only unsightly but also has obvious disadvantages. The network maintenance is invariable and the work efficiency is low, and the electromagnetic interference between the lines will cause the performance and stability of the network equipment to decrease, which will bring huge security risks in particular.

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