Detailed explanation of low-loss fiber optic connectors


Many people have many questions about low-loss fiber optic connectors. In fact, fiber optic cable products, such as MPO/MTP series, fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic distribution boxes, etc., require practice to fully understand and thoroughly understand them. You can really grasp the reasons for its various indicators. Let's take a look at the relevant characteristics of low-loss optical fiber connectors.


Low Loss Fiber Connector Requirements

Low-loss optical fiber connector: 10 connectors are matched with each other. The maximum insertion loss is not more than 0.2dB, and the typical insertion loss is less than 0.12dB. The connection loss of the optical fiber connector activity in the link is mainly caused by several aspects: the light transmission part ( core) lateral mismatch, longitudinal mismatch, axial mismatch, etc. The most important contributor to insertion loss (IL) is lateral mismatch. Loss is caused when two fiber optic connectors with non-concentric cores are mated.


IEC standard requirements for lateral adaptation

Solutions for Lateral Mismatch

mpo fc

The optical fiber connector


Control the concentricity of the connector and the method of controlling the concentricity of the connector

1. Select the ceramic ferrule with very good concentricity and very small inner hole diameter.


2. Adjust the eccentric direction of the connector with unsatisfactory concentricity to the same direction


3. By controlling the roundness of the inner hole of the ceramic ferrule, the performance of the connector can also be guaranteed to a certain extent


Low Loss Fiber Test Results

In the experiment, the access loss of 10 optical fiber connectors in series without core adjustment is IL=4.8dB, and the access loss of each optical fiber connector in series after core adjustment is IL=0.8dB


Product Interoperability Test Comparison

Using manual core adjustment and automatic machine, each selects 10 jumpers for K adjustment and mutual matching test. IL.1310 and 1550 each have 180 sets of data.



Control the 3D indicators of fiber optic connectors:

It can effectively control the gap between the optical fiber surfaces when the optical fiber connector is docked by detecting the curvature radius, vertex offset and optical fiber height of the connector


The axial matching mainly comes from the ferrule and the fiber itself


For all qualified ferrules and optical fibers, the loss of optical performance caused by the axial mismatch can be ignored


Effect of end face finish

The end face finish is the factor that most affects the performance of the connector loss in addition to the mismatch of the fiber optic connector itself:


1. Oil stains, dirt, fingerprints and other external contamination


2. Spots and depressions on the connector


3. Scratches on the connector


●Analyze the connector through the end face detection equipment to ensure the smoothness of the connector end face

Manufacturing method of low-loss optical fiber connector

1. First, ensure that the connector ferrule for production has good concentricity and inner hole roundness


2. In the production process, use the adjustment equipment to adjust the eccentric direction to the same, and assemble according to the adjustment direction


3. Ensure the three-dimensional index and surface finish of the end face during the grinding process


4. Use high-definition end-face inspection products to ensure the surface finish of the connector


The above is the relevant knowledge about low-loss optical fiber connectors introduced to you. We are choosing optical fiber connectors, optical fiber jumpers, MPO/MTP series, optical cables, etc. It is best to use the ones that meet the standards, so as to ensure our communication transmission. .


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