Optical fiber length extension operation method


Note 1: Pay attention to the connector of the optical fiber

First, search for optical fiber extension cables on Taobao, oh, there are a bunch of them, it seems that this business is really easy to do! If it is a finished line, most of them are about 20 meters, and the price is around 20 yuan, which is not expensive. ! However, anyone who needs it should see the type clearly. The finished fiber optic cable or custom-made product usually comes with a plug. There are many types of fiber optic heads, such as SC, LC, etc. Let's popularize it for everyone!


FC type optical fiber connector: The external strengthening method is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle. Generally used on the ODF side (the most used on the patch panel).


SC-type fiber optic connector: a connector for connecting to a GBIC optical module, its outer casing is rectangular, and the fastening method is a plug-and-pull type, which does not need to be rotated. (Most used on router switches)


ST-type optical fiber connector: commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame, the outer shell is round, and the fastening method is turnbuckle. (For 10Base-F connections, the connectors are usually ST type. Often used in fiber optic distribution frames)

fiber optic cable

LC type fiber optic connector: A connector for connecting SFP modules, which is made with an easy-to-operate modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. (commonly used by routers)


MT-RJ: A square fiber optic connector with integrated transceiver, one dual fiber transceiver is integrated.


Generally speaking, our home fiber optic cable connectors use SC-SC. Since it is an optical fiber extension cable, we need a fiber optic cable with SC connectors at both ends. After roughly estimating the distance from your home, you can consider placing an order according to the length!


Note 2: Pay attention to the type of fiber optic cable

Before placing the order, I took a closer look at the types of various fiber optic cables on Taobao. In addition to many kinds of interfaces, there are many kinds of optical fiber cables themselves, such as one-core two-wire, one-core three-wire, two-core three-wire, two-core four-wire, etc. Which one should I buy?


It is not necessary to talk about too many principled things here. In short, the most important thing in the optical fiber cable is the core. One core and two steel wires means that there is one optical fiber core and two steel wires in the optical fiber cable, and so on. ! Then if you judge what your own fiber optic cable is? It's very simple. Look at the connectors. There are several connectors, which are several cores. One core has one connector, and four cores have four connectors!


Generally speaking, in order to save costs, the fiber optic cables used in telecom households are of the type with one core and two steel wires. You can see that your fiber optic connectors only have one SC connector!


So when buying an extension cable, pay attention to buying one-core two-steel fiber optic cable with SC connector! Well, it's very cheap. The finished cable is up to 25 meters, and it is less than 30 yuan. If you buy a custom cable, it will be cheaper. I bought 40 Rice, free shipping is only 20 yuan!


A little attention, there are still brands of fiber optic cables. Usually, telecommunications will find these brand manufacturers to customize them, such as Zhongtian, Fenghuo, Rihai, Potian, etc. These names are very high, and users in need can follow their own preferences. Just buy it, I don't recommend it here!


Note 3: Don't forget to buy a flange when you buy a cable

I bought the cable, what should I do next? The extension cable, the extension cable, the so-called extension, there must be a relay in the middle, otherwise there is no way to extend it, or wait for the operator's grandfather's engineer father to come to your house to help you splicing? If you don't want to be a grandson, you can do it yourself!


The equipment you need at this time is called a flange! The flange is the same as the adapter of the network cable. It can connect two optical fiber cables together. According to the interface of the optical fiber cable, there are also many flange interfaces, which are similar to the optical fiber cable connector. , we only need to buy the flange of the SC connector, connect the fiber optic cable at both ends, and connect the light cat at the other end!


The connection method is also very simple, whether it is a light cat or a flange, there is a gap, just insert the protruding part of the SC connector!


Flanges are very cheap, and usually the merchants who buy fiber optic extension cables will send one or two. Even if you want to buy it yourself, it doesn't matter, the cheap Taobao is 4 cents, the better one is 2 yuan...


Note 4: The bright line should still pay attention to the appearance

Basically, after finishing the fiber optic cable and flange, the task of preparing to extend the broadband fiber optic cable of your own is done! But obviously, this can only be done with the open line. The dark line pipeline is filled with broken five types of lines, and there is no way to do it. Operation! When you walk the line, you will encounter a very serious problem: aesthetics...

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