Fiber Termination Box and ODF


The optical fiber terminal box is the terminal joint of an optical cable, one end of which is an optical cable, and the other end is a pigtail, which is equivalent to a device that splits an optical cable into a single optical fiber. The user optical cable terminal box installed on the wall, its function is to provide Fusion splicing of optical fibers and optical fibers, fusion splicing of optical fibers and pigtails, and handover of optical connectors. It also provides mechanical protection and environmental protection for the fiber and its components, and allows for proper inspection to maintain the highest standards of fiber management.


Optical fiber terminal box is widely used in local telephone, rural telephone network system, data and image transmission system, CATV cable TV series, used for direct connection and branch connection of indoor optical cable, and plays the role of pigtail storage and protection joint. It is made of cold-rolled steel plate by electrostatic spraying, with reasonable design structure and beautiful appearance.


In practice, the terminal box can be used as an indoor joint box, but the joint box is rarely used as a terminal box. The uses are different.

1. The junction box can be divided into an optical cable junction box and a cable junction box. Their functions are used in the front-end wiring of users.


2. The splice box generally refers to the optical cable splice box, also called the optical cable splice box. In some places, especially the broadcasting system, it is also called the optical splice package. Its function is to protect the optical cable joint from external damage. Distribution frame is also divided into optical cable distribution frame and cable distribution frame, which also functions like a junction box, but it is used in the operator's computer room.


Fiber Terminal Box

basic skills

The optical fiber terminal box as the terminal equipment of the optical cable line should have 4 basic functions.

①Fixing function After the optical cable enters the rack, the outer sheath and reinforcing core shall be mechanically fixed, the ground wire protection component shall be installed, the end protection shall be carried out, and the optical fibers shall be grouped and protected.


②Fusion function After the optical fiber drawn out of the optical cable is spliced ​​with the pigtail cable, the redundant optical fiber is coiled and stored, and the fusion splice is protected.

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③Adjustment function Plug the connector attached on the pigtail cable to the adapter, and realize the optical path docking with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. Adapters and connectors should be able to be plugged and unplugged flexibly; optical paths can be freely deployed and tested.


④Storage function Provide storage for various cross-connected optical cables between racks, so that they can be placed regularly and neatly. The fiber optic terminal box should have appropriate space and method, so that this part of the optical connection line can be clearly routed, easy to adjust, and can meet the requirements of the minimum bending radius. With the development of optical fiber networks, the existing functions of optical fiber terminal boxes can no longer meet many new requirements. Some manufacturers add some optical fiber network components such as optical splitters, wavelength division multiplexers and optical switches directly to the optical fiber terminal box.


ODF unit box

ODF unit box is a product designed with high density and large capacity. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable distribution, easy search, easy management, convenient installation and good operability. The ODF unit box has optical cable fixing and protection functions, optical cable termination functions, line adjustment functions, and optical cable core and pigtail protection functions.


1. Standard unit structure size, 19-inch width, can be installed in a patch panel cabinet or wall-mounted.


2. Well-crafted structural parts are made of thickened galvanized passivated cold-rolled steel plate and surface spraying process, and the optical fiber distribution plate is made of plastic material doped with flame-retardant materials, which is light, flexible, and durable. The large diameter coiled ring design keeps the curvature radius of pigtails and jumpers above 40mm everywhere.


3. It can be assembled into an optical fiber distribution frame alone, or can be assembled with the digital distribution unit and the audio distribution unit in a cabinet to form a comprehensive distribution frame.


It has the functions of optical cable introduction, fixation and protection, optical cable termination and pigtail fusion function, line adjustment function and storage and protection function of fiber jumper storage cable core and pigtail.


4. The drawer structure is adopted in the wiring box, which can be pulled out during operation and put back after completion. There are optical cable entry holes and fixed modules at the rear of the chassis and then lead into the distribution box through the optical cable coiling frame;


5. The structure of the optical fiber distribution tray is that the upper and lower layers can be opened: open the upper layer, connect the pigtail fiber optic connector to the lower layer adapter, and then coil it along the cabling frame through the outlet hole to the upper layer, and then close the upper layer, the pigtail head and the lead-in After splicing the core of the optical fiber cable, fix the melting point in the slot and stick it, that is, the operation is completed, and the distribution plate can be inserted into the corresponding layer;


6. Below the distribution box is the fiber jumper storage disk. Since each functional module can be operated separately, it is flexible and convenient to use.


7. Applicable to FC, SC, LC, ST four adapters.


8. Applicable to ribbon, bundle and non-ribbon optical cables.


ZR Cable specializes in the research and development, production and sales of optical fiber communication products. The company's main products are divided into fiber optic cable end series, including single-core jumper, multi-core MPO jumper, single-multi-core 10 Gigabit jumper, branch type and connector type prefabricated cable, etc.; ODF fiber optic wiring series, including ODF Wire boxes, terminal boxes, etc.


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