How many fiber pre-terminated methods are there?


Several ways and application scenarios of pre-terminated optical cable connection

Pre-terminated optical cables are divided into three types: trunk cables, trunk extension cables, and mpo-LC branch cables. Pre-terminated trunk cables are suitable for high-density applications in data centers, offering 12-fiber to 144-fiber connections. The length of the optical cable can be customized according to specific needs. The pre-terminated trunk cable has a traction protective sleeve design, which can effectively prevent the optical cable and optical fiber connector from being damaged during transportation and installation.


The pre-terminated fiber optic trunk cable can reach a tensile strength of 450N in the groove. Mainly used in the backbone and horizontal cabling of the data center. Mpo pre-terminated optical cable branch optical cable MPO-LC is suitable for 12-core mpo to lc duplex connector, all-metal miniaturized branch protector, original internal crimping technology, safe, reliable and beautiful.


Pre-terminated fiber optic cable solutions are tailor-made fiber optic cable distribution management solutions for data centers.


The data center is the support site for the uninterrupted operation of the business platform of the enterprise. The establishment of a data center can save planning costs, save resources, and exert high performance by integrating the processing, switching, and storage system platforms.

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What are the benefits of using pre-terminated fiber optic cables in the data center room?

Due to the centralized system platform in the data center computer room, once the system goes down, it will cause serious losses. This loss is far greater than the initial investment in hardware. The investment is 1.8~2.2 times that of a system without redundancy. As a physical carrier platform for data center information exchange, integrated wiring accounts for less than 5% of the total investment, and its importance is very high. According to statistics from authoritative organizations, 70% of data center failures are caused by human errors, and a large number of them are caused by human errors. It is caused by improper operation of wiring managers.


Although the data center has strict protection of its cabling management area, for the operator, facing the large number of cable connections, each connection change is a huge challenge. The data center needs a set of integrated cabling system specially established for its characteristics. This system should have the following characteristics: high performance, high reliability, fast installation, modular system, high density, and future-oriented. Therefore, the pre-terminated optical cable management system came into being. The advantages of data center pre-terminated links are:


a, easy to manage, high reliability, less failure points. Nearly 200 optical ports are often installed in a cabinet, and 200 optical jumpers are required to connect these 200 optical ports. It is not difficult to imagine the chaos of stacking 200 optical jumpers. There are many cabinets in the data center, and there may be Thousands of optical jumpers, how to manage so many optical jumpers? If the optical distribution part is changed to a pre-terminated optical cable system, due to the use of 12-core parallel optical fiber connector MPO, the light density that needs to be managed will change. It is 1/12 of the original, then the original 200 optical jumpers become the current 3~4. At the same time, because the connector density of MPO is 12 cores, while the ordinary optical fiber connector is 1 core, the number of fault points at the connector part is reduced by 1/12, and the reliability is increased by 12 times.


b. Rapid deployment The pre-terminated optical cable system uses high-density MPO connectors, the optical cable is factory terminated and tested, and the connection adopts a modular method, which makes the installation simpler and faster. Compared with the traditional optical fiber fusion splicing method, this new Its modular technology can simultaneously complete 96 fiber terminations in about 10 minutes, while the traditional method of terminating 96 fibers will take 16 hours, such a long time actually not allowed in the data center. Rapid deployment means rapid troubleshooting, a technology that makes a lot of sense in the data center.


c. Advantages that cannot be replaced by pre-terminated optical cable management solutions: MPO optical fiber connectors are connected in parallel with 12 cores. This technology is a mature industry standard. Many new high-bandwidth network applications have adopted this technology. Such as: 10G Fiber Channel, HIPPI, 10G InfiniBand, 30G InfiniBand, 10G SONET/SDH, 40G SONET/SDH, etc.

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