Key technical points of IDC data room construction


1. Principles to follow in the construction of IDC data room

The IDC computer room provides us with abundant and reliable professional services and network resources, and is an important business service center. As an important technology in the modern information age, IDC technology plays a vital role in providing professional network services and network resources. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to build a safe, reliable, economical, practical and energy-saving IDC data room.


Therefore, the construction of IDC data room must follow certain principles. First, the construction of IDC should follow the principle of coordination between short-term construction and long-term development planning to ensure the needs of future IDC business development; Comply with the relevant standards and specifications of the project location.


2. Key technical points of IDC data room construction

(1) Basic requirements of IDC data room

In recent years, servers with increasingly stronger processing capabilities, storage devices with larger and larger capacities, and network devices with increasingly superior performance do not need to consume more power, and the cost of using electricity has risen sharply. The IDC room generally has a variety of telecommunications equipment that needs to be adapted, and these telecommunications equipment are stable in the environment such as temperature and humidity. The operating temperature range of the IDC room: 20°C to 25°C, and the relative humidity range: 40%~ 55%.


According to the different functions of the equipment and the different requirements for the computer room environment, the IDC data computer room is mainly composed of the main engine room, the support area and the auxiliary area. Among them, the main engine room is the core of the IDC data room. Its main function is to analyze, process, save, utilize and transmit information. When installing equipment, it must be strictly implemented in accordance with the standards to ensure the installation quality. This phenomenon is common in general IDC computer rooms. The main heat is from the operation of IT equipment. This sensible heat accounts for about 95% of the total heat. from people and infiltration of outdoor air.

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(2) Energy-saving technology of IDC data room

Under the current situation of increasing energy consumption and continuous expansion of IT equipment, energy saving and consumption reduction work is facing great pressure. The power consumption of the IDC room is mainly the power consumption of IT equipment and the energy consumption of the air conditioning and refrigeration system. Among them, the electricity consumption of the refrigeration system accounts for about 48% of the total energy consumption of the IDC room, so the energy conservation of the refrigeration system is very important, and there are two main energy conservation measures for the air conditioner.


The first is to shorten the duration of air conditioning: including reducing environmental requirements (such as increasing the supply air temperature) or using alternative cooling solutions (such as using natural cooling sources).


The second is to improve air conditioning efficiency: including more reasonable airflow organization and strengthening air conditioning maintenance management. By adopting the bottom and top return system, the cold air of the air conditioner is directly sent into the cabinet, avoiding the situation of cooling the environment first and then cooling the equipment, which can significantly improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner;


At present, many IDC data rooms adopt a redundant power supply system, which will cause a certain amount of energy consumption and waste. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably arrange the electrical equipment according to the power consumption of the equipment and user needs, and formulate the best layout plan to reduce the energy consumption of the equipment room. energy consumption, and take corresponding measures to improve energy efficiency;


The heating equipment and cooling equipment in the IDC room are not in one-to-one correspondence. Inappropriate layout of the equipment room and cooling method of the cabinet will affect the safety of the equipment room, reduce the cooling efficiency of the equipment room, and increase the energy consumption of the entire equipment room. For this reason, in-row air conditioners can be added to perform local cooling in areas with severe heat dissipation to improve the temperature field.

IDC data room

3. Safety management of IDC data room construction

(1) Security protection construction of IDC data room

With the continuous development of Internet technology and communication technology, Internet data centers have emerged and been vigorously constructed.


IDC data room, IDC data room, as a professional place for information data processing, storage, utilization and network resource utilization, is mainly used for connection through Internet technology and communication technology, IDC uses load balancer, combined with encrypted socket protocol layer ( SSL) acceleration capability and Layer 7 communication management with Internet devices, load balancers control Layer 7 applications/content, enabling prioritization and differentiation of services for all clients or URLs, including secure communications.


In the initial stage of the construction of the IDC room, the proportion of energy consumption of the power supply system may even be as high as 20%. In order to reduce the energy consumption of the power supply system, it is necessary to reasonably distinguish the electrical equipment in the IDC room according to the level of the equipment and the customer, and formulate a corresponding power supply plan. In addition, it is necessary to carry out scientific and accurate design of the components of the IDC data room to ensure that the expansion of the room, anti-electromagnetic interference, power supply system, air conditioning system, etc. are within the safety design standards, starting from the equipment room to ensure the safety protection of the room.


(2) Security management of the computer room

For the safety management of the IDC room, when designing the IDC room, it should be closely coordinated with various majors, and the long-term and short-term unified planning and rational design should be carried out. The design of the computer room must provide a good operating monitoring environment for the computer room.


Strictly follow the national IDC data room safety construction standards, and continuously improve the overall quality of the computer room management personnel, implement a regular inspection system, apply for a registration access system for outsiders, regularly maintain and manage the equipment room, and the door of the computer room and access room. , The main aisle and other parts are installed with cameras for monitoring, and important racks and cabinets can be separately set up for camera monitoring. At the same time, strengthen network security management, regularly conduct anti-virus and update the system, etc., to ensure the security and reliability of the computer room system.


Fourth, the development direction of IDC room construction

PUE=[total power consumption of data center]/[energy consumption of IT equipment], total power consumption=energy consumption of IT equipment + energy consumption of cooling system + energy consumption of power system + energy consumption of lighting system. At present, the PUE value of the traditional computer room is between 2.4 and 2.8, while the ideal PUE of the traditional computer room should be 1.6. It can be seen that the energy utilization efficiency of most IDC computer rooms is relatively low, and there is a big gap with the ideal state. Therefore, building a green intelligent IDC room (PUE1.6) will be the future development direction.


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