What are the characteristics of fiber optic field connectors


Presumably you are no stranger to the word optical fiber, but it is estimated that many people have not heard of the term optical fiber field connector. It's true that this term may be basic knowledge in network cabling, but for those of us who don't usually touch it, even a fiber optic field connector is something. Now let's focus on what is the optical fiber field connector and what are the characteristics of the optical fiber field connector.


What is a fiber optic field connector

Optical fiber field connectors, also known as optical fiber quick connectors, also known as optical fiber joints, etc. It has been widely used in optical fiber transmission lines, optical fiber distribution frames, optical fiber testing instruments and instruments, and is the most used optical passive device.



What are the characteristics of fiber optic field connectors

1. The reliability of fiber clamping is very good

The optical fiber clamping components are all made of elastic metal materials, and there is no aging problem of plastic components; temperature changes have almost no effect on the optical fiber clamping force; in addition, the device has an anti-loosening mechanism inside the device, and the device has excellent anti-vibration and anti-drop performance.


2. Good connection stability

There is an axial adhesion force at the butt joint of the optical fibers. When the optical fibers are butted, the gap between the two optical fibers is almost zero, so the connection loss is often less than ≤ 0.3dB, or even less than ≤ 0.1dB. There are problems of loss of optical fiber matching paste, pollution and aging; in addition, the reliability of optical fiber clamping is very good, which also determines the stability of the connection.

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3. Small insertion loss

Since the device is designed according to the non-embedded optical fiber structure, there is only one optical fiber connection point, so the connection loss is generally smaller than that of the existing optical fiber quick connector.


4. The online tensile force of the optical fiber quick connect connector has no effect on the connection loss

The axial tensile force that the device bears directly acts on the shell of the device, and the ceramic pins of the connector are not subjected to the tensile force, which does not affect the optical fiber docking effect, so it has no effect on the connection loss.


5, the use cost is very low

The manufacturing cost of the device is lower, so the price is lower; and the installation is very simple, and the installation can be completed with almost no special construction tools. With the gradual implementation of global fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), products with excellent performance and low cost of use are bound to become the mainstream of the market.


6. Good use and maintenance

Installation and maintenance is very simple. Whether it is a construction worker or a user, it only needs to give simple instructions or read the "Installation Instructions", and use the common tools for optical fiber construction to complete the installation and maintenance.


7. The installation speed is very fast

The device has a unique optical fiber guiding mechanism, which is very fast and convenient to thread the optical fiber. If the bare fiber is constructed, the positioning and clamping of the optical fiber can be completed in less than 10 seconds, including the crimping of the optical cable, which is generally about 30 seconds (except for the preparation time of the optical fiber) Installation can be completed.


The above is the whole content of what is a fiber optic field connector and what are the characteristics of the fiber optic field connector. Of course, the fiber optic field connector has been widely used in network wiring because it has no special requirements for the operating environment.


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