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What principles need to be followed in the construction of weak current room? The most important thing for weak current room is stability, efficiency and rationality. If we want to do these points, we need to understand and abide by the principles of weak current room construction. Let's take a look at the relevant information below.


1. The wall of the computer room should be a fire partition wall, and the surrounding areas should be treated with moisture-proof and thermal insulation.


2. The wall surface should be decorated with environmentally friendly materials that are moisture-proof, dust-free, easy to clean and have good performance.


3. There are many cables laid in the computer room, and a short circuit can easily lead to fire. It is necessary to strictly control the fire resistance level of the building. The fire rating of all materials should be selected as Class A or Class B1.


Construction principles of weak current room


4. The secondary flying of dust has a great impact on the air cleanliness in the computer room. Therefore, the decorative materials should be those that are not easy to accumulate dust, not easy to dust, easy to clean, and fireproof and heat preservation. However, attention should also be paid to such materials There should be no glare.


5. The ground material of the computer room is made of hard, dust-proof and anti-static materials.


6. Anti-static floors are laid in the computer room, and the inclination of the floor must be no higher than 2 mm per meter.


7. When only cables are laid under the anti-static floor, the height can generally be about 300mm. In order to avoid dust on the ground or scratch the cable when the cable moves, the ground and four walls should be flat and wear-resistant. In the central computer room where the cabinets are concentrated, cable trays should be used to ensure that there is enough space under the floor for the special air conditioner for the computer room to supply air.


8. The thickness tolerance of the anti-static floor should be within ±0.2mm/m; the insulation resistance of the floor under normal temperature and humidity should be greater than 100kΩ and less than 100MΩ; the average load of the floor should be about 1000kg/m2, and the concentrated load should be greater than the concentrated load greater than 650Kg/m2.

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9. When the space under the floor is used as the static pressure box for the supply and return air of the special precision air conditioner, the floor surface should be well dustproof and thermally insulated to prevent condensation on the floor surface.


10. The main power supply of the power supply and distribution system in the computer room should be powered by double circuits, and the main network equipment should be powered by a separate circuit of UPS power supply, and redundancy should be reserved.


11. The working lighting of the computer room should reach more than 500LUX, and the emergency lighting should reach more than 50LUX.


12. Lightning protection and grounding system should be done in the computer room to ensure the safety of staff and equipment.


13. Air conditioning, fresh air ventilation and fire extinguishing, alarm and smoke exhaust systems should be installed in the computer room.


14. The integrated wiring in the computer room should reach 10 Gigabit backbone, and the horizontal link should reach Gigabit.


15. The equipment in the computer room should be equipped with equipment and environmental monitoring systems, and should be unattended.


16. All pipes in the computer room should be treated with anti-rust treatment. Good quality galvanized pipes should be selected. All cables should be protected by iron wire ducts, steel pipes or metal hoses.


The above are the principles that need to be followed in the construction of the weak current room. I hope it can help you better understand the knowledge of the wiring of the computer room.

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