Sc lc fiber patch cord vs fc lc fiber patch cord


Communication is mainly based on optical fiber, and the reason why it can stand out from optical communication is mainly because of its superiority, but there are many products required for optical fiber communication, so there are more things to pay attention to, sclc fiber optic jumper and I believe that friends in the communication industry are familiar with fclc fiber jumpers. ZR Cable will explain the knowledge about fiber jumpers below.


ZR Cable Fiber Patch Cord

Fiber patch cords are used to make patch cords from equipment to fiber optic cabling links. There is a thicker protective layer, which is generally used for the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box. How to use the fiber jumper correctly, take the fiber jumper as an example.


1. The transceiver wavelengths of the optical modules at both ends of the fiber jumper must be the same, that is to say, both ends of the fiber must be optical modules with the same wavelength. The simple way to distinguish is that the colors of the optical modules should be the same. In general, short-wave optical modules use multimode fibers (orange fibers), and long-wave optical modules use single-mode fibers (yellow fibers) to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.


2. Do not bend and loop the optical fiber excessively during use, which will increase the attenuation of light during transmission.


3. The optical fiber connector must be protected with a protective sleeve after the optical fiber jumper is used. Dust and oil pollution will damage the coupling of the optical fiber. There are three main types of fiber jumpers according to the termination type: ST-ST, SC-SC, ST-SC. According to the type of fiber, there are mainly two types of single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. The specifications of the jumper length are 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m and so on. According to the cable outer sheath material, it can be divided into ordinary type, ordinary flame retardant, low smoke halogen free type, low smoke halogen free flame retardant type, etc.

sc lc

4. According to the fire rating of the building and the fire resistance requirements of the materials, the integrated wiring system should take corresponding measures.


5. When laying cables or optical cables in flammable areas and building shafts, flame-retardant cables and optical cables should be used; in large public places, flame-retardant, low-smoke, low-toxic cables or optical cables should be used; adjacent equipment or Fire-retardant wiring equipment should be used in the handover room.


The mainstream optical fiber communication of our current communication, as an emerging technology, its rapid development speed and wide application in recent years are rare in the history of communication. ZR Cable optical fiber manufacturers focus on the research and development and sales of optical communication products. There are many types of products including Fiber patch cords, fiber adapters, mpo/mtp data centers, fiber optic cables, etc., all comply with ICE, ROSH, YD/T international and domestic standards.



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