How to choose integrated wiring products


Now is the era of optical transmission, of course, integrated wiring is also inseparable. There are many considerations for integrated wiring, and the most important one is product selection. Now let's talk about how to choose integrated wiring products.


Integrated wiring product selection

1. The importance of product selection

The integrated wiring system is one of the infrastructures in intelligent buildings and intelligent communities. From the previous engineering analysis at home and abroad, the selection of system equipment and materials is the key link and important content of engineering design.


2. Prerequisites for product selection

●The nature, function and environment of intelligent buildings and intelligent communities, including the level, status and importance of the city where they are located; distinguish whether they are important high-tech intelligent buildings or ordinary office intelligent buildings.


●Construction scale and construction plan of intelligent buildings and intelligent communities, including the distribution of buildings, the number of floors of buildings, floor plan, building area, various pipeline systems, and design and construction progress.

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●Recent user information needs of intelligent buildings and intelligent communities, and estimated development needs and changes in information services.


●The objective environment where the intelligent building is located, future development and changes, such as whether there is an electromagnetic interference source at present and in the future, whether it is possible to develop into an intelligent community, etc.


3. Principles of product selection

(1) It must be combined with the actual engineering.


(2) The selected products should conform to my country's national conditions and relevant international, domestic and industry technical standards.


(3) Combination of short-term and long-term.


(4) It conforms to the principle of unifying advanced technology and economic rationality.


4. The specific steps and working methods of product selection

(1) Master the prerequisites and collect basic information.


(2) Before product selection, you should conduct investigation or collect product information, visit the units that have used the product, and fully grasp its use effect; listen to various feedbacks in order to analyze the product; carefully screen two or three products for the purpose of Prepare for further assessment visits.


(3) Carry out technical and economic comparison and comprehensive evaluation of the primary products objectively and impartially, and select the ideal products.


(4) Focus on the technical strength, production equipment, technological process and after-sales service of the manufacturers of the primary products, inspect the use of the products on the spot, and conduct on-site tests on some basic properties to obtain first-hand information.


(5) After the above work, you should have a more comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of the selected products. Based on the principles of economy, practicality, and reliability, put forward the opinions on the final selection of products, and submit them to the construction unit or relevant leading decision-making departments for confirmation.


(6) Finally, the specifications and quantities of the main equipment, various cables, wiring components and other accessories required in the integrated wiring system engineering should be calculated and summarized, and the details of the specific ordered products should be discussed with the manufacturer, especially the product quality, The delivery date, location and payment method, etc., should be clearly stipulated in the order contract to ensure that the integrated wiring system project can be carried out smoothly as planned.


The above is the whole content of how to choose integrated wiring products. Optical fiber communication has become the mainstream of the society. We need to know more about this emerging transmission method, which is also for the convenience and perfect use of it.


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