Common problems in fiber testing?


In the past two years, with the decline in the cost of optical fibers and the wide application and upgrade of 10G and 40G Ethernet, optical fiber communication has gradually become an important part of local area network wiring and FTTx network construction.


Due to the immunity of optical fiber to electromagnetic interference, we no longer need to consider the location design of electromagnetic radiation equipment such as power boxes and UPS, thereby greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of integrated wiring. However, it is also because of this that people often subconsciously think that fiber optic wiring is very simple and safe, while ignoring the major network problems that may be caused by fiber link failures.


It should be pointed out that in order to ensure the long-distance and low-loss transmission of optical signals, the entire optical fiber link must meet very harsh and sensitive physical conditions.

ftth cable

Any slight geometric deformation or slight pollution can cause a huge attenuation of the signal, or even interrupt the communication. In actual work, the main reasons for the failure of optical cable links are: too long optical cable, bending transition, optical fiber compression or breakage, poor fusion, core diameter mismatch, mode mixing, filler diameter mismatch, connector pollution, connector polishing Defective, poor connector contact.


Fiber Test

It can be summed up as follows:

1. The optical cable is too long

2. Excessive bending

3. The optical cable is under pressure or broken

4. Poor fusion of optical cable

5. Core diameter mismatch

6. The filler diameter does not match

7. Connector pollution

8. Poor polishing at the joint

9. Poor contact at the joint

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