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GJFJH53 outdoor 24 48 96 core tight buffer armored distribution Backbone fiber cable


Product Description

The Backbone fiber cable structure of GJFJH53 is to ф900μm or ф600μm tight buffer fibers stranded with aramid yarns, sheathed with LSZH as inner jacket, covered with PSP corrugated steel taps and PE outer jacket. It can also be used as backbone fiber cable.


1, Multicore cable armored outer PSP to enhance the ability of crushing resistance and anti-rodent

2, High strength aramid reinforced and high performance jacket material.

3, Good mechanical and environment performance.

4, Excellent transverse water-blocking



1, Horizontal wiring indoor, vertical wiring in buildings, LAN network

2, Standard core fiber can be directly applied to connectors for device connecting.

3, Used as a backbone cable tail and access from outdoor to indoor directly. It can save the junction box, isolate the thunder and lightning, and improve system reliability.


144 fiber indoor fiber optic cabletight buffered fiber cabledistribution fiber cablesdistribution cable 72 coreindoor multimode fiber

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