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Non-metallic single mode CLT 12f fiber drop cable

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The single mode fiber cable structure of GYFXY is to put the fibers 250μm into the PBT loose tube, which is filled with water-resistant filling compound, and wrapped with water-blocking material to keep the cable watertight. Two parallel glass fiber(FRP strength member) are placed at both sides to reinforce plastics. Finally the cable is complete with a polyethlene(PE) sheath. For single mode fiber type, G652D and G657A1 G657A2 are available for choice.

Additionally, this structure is similar with indoor drop cable structure. Just indoor drop cable structure is bow-type.


1, Good mechanical and temperature performance.

2, Non-metallic structure avoids Radio frequency and Electromagnetic frequency, which is suitable for distribution in the minefield.

3, Loose tube material itself has good water resistance and high strength.

4, Special tube filling compound protect the core fibers critically.

5, Good crush and soft ability.

6, PE sheath has good UV radiation resistance.

7, Two parallel FRPs ensure tensile strength of the cable.


8, Small diameter, light weight and friendly installationSuitable for aerial.

fiber 12 core

cable 4 core4f optical fiber cableftth cable 4 corefibra optica cable 8 hilos

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