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GYFXTY indoor/outdoor glass yarn mm OM3 OM4 multimode fiber cable

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The cable structure of GYFXTY is to put the fibers ф250μmsingle mode 9/125 μm or multimode 50/125 62.5/125 μm into the PBT loose tube, which is filled with water-resistant fillling compound and wrapped with Kevlar aramid yarn or glass yarn as strength member, then competed with black PE or HDPE sheath. This structure multimode fiber cable is mostly used for data transmission in the date room


1, non-metallic structure to avoid Radio frequency and Electromagnetic interference.

2, the glass yarn fiber as strength member can ensure the tensile strength and avoid the cable from mouse bite.

3, Super small diameter cable can make the best use of scarce pipeline resources.

4, Light weight make the installation easily and can be indoor and outdoor distribution flexibly.


5, Good soft tensile ability to operate quickly.

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