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indoor/outdoor G657B3 G657A1 TPU Kevlar aramid yarn FTTH drop cable 1 core


Product Description

The round drop cable usual is 1 core ,2cores with LZSH or TPU material. 0.6mm or 0.9mm tight-buffered fiber G657A1  G657A2   G657B3as the basic optical unit, and non-metallic strength member(with glass yarn or Kevlar aramid) are symmetrically distributed around the cable. It has significant advantages in mechanical properties such as tensile strength, side pressure resistance, and torsion resistance, so it has stronger protection for optical fibers. 


The round drop cable has the advantages of good torsion resistance, bending resistance, tensile resistance, good environmental protection and flame retardant effect, and a wide applicable temperature range.

 It is widely used as the main type of cable in the broadband construction together with the butterfly cable,

The round drop cable has a small diameter (φ2.5mm), light weight (6.5kg/km), good short-term tensile performance (150N), wide applicable temperature range (-40℃~+60).

Because of good windability, full dielectric flame retardancy, mature  Pre-connectorized technology and supporting quick connectors, so the round drop cable can be completely used in indoor and outdoor lead-in scenarios.

1 core drop cable

tight buffered indoor/outdoor cablebreakout cable fttaos2 tight buffered fiberindoor network cable

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