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GYDTA 72 96 144 192 216 288 576 core ribbon fiber optical cable


Product Description

Ribbon fiber cable is making a series of separate fiber (4F, 6F, 8F,12F and so on) bond each other, which is grouped together to be a flat strip. Many groups or strips form the optical cable, called Ribbon Fiber Cable. The most popular one is 6F and 12F ribbon fiber cable. It can be made up to 72 core, 96 core, 144 core and 288 core fiber optic cable.


1, The cable with hundreds of fibers is in small diameter, light weight, good bendabillity and anti-side pressure, an good for installation and operation.

2, Usually multifibers is a band and can be do fusion splicing one time, faster, more time-saving and higher efficiency.

3, Easy for fiber organization

4, Easy for maintainence and urgent repair of ribbon optical cable

288 core fiber optic cablefiber cable 144 core120 fiber optic cable128core fibre200 core optical fiber cable

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