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SC UPC to LC UPC duplex OM5 Multimode fiber patch cord


Product Description

Fiber Optic Patch Cable is also known as fiber optic jumper. Fiber Optic patchcord is important of fiber network. Fiber optic patch cables are used in many application areas: data centers, enterprise networks, telecom room, server farms, cloud storage networks.

This 50/125 OM5 multimode fibers are 100% standards compliant meeting all OM3 and OM4 specifications, with an additional requirement for Differential Mode Delay (DMD) that compensates for modal and chromatic dispersion. And they include additional bandwidth characterization at 953 nm to support extended distances when using SWDM.

patch cord sc to lc om5patch cord sc to lc om5patch cord sc to lc om5patch cord sc to lc om5patch cord sc to lc om5

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