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GYFTY 24f 36f 48f 72f 96f 144f 288f sm MDPE non armored trunk fiber optical cable


Product Description

GYFTY fiber optic cable is a non-metallic fiber optic cable. The center of the cable core is a non-metallic reinforced core FRP (PE cushion may be added), and the FRP is twisted by loose tube and filler rope. The gap between the inside and outside of the cable core is filled with cable paste ; the 24 core is the most widely used


Product Feature

Non-metal structure, excellent performance of anti - electromagnetic, lightning and anti - static.

PE sheath has good ultraviolet radiation resistance.

Light weight, easy laying

60 core fiber optic cable

corning 48 core fiber optic cablesfibra 144 nucleos24f fiber optic cable288 core fiber

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