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fiber optic cable price per meter 4 6 8 12 16 24 48 72 96 core double sheath 100 120 200 300 400 500 span adss cable


Product Description

ADSS cable is known as all dielectric self supporting fiber optical cable.The material of adss cable is non-metallic. Self supporting means that the reinforcing member of the optical fiber cable itself can bear the self weight and external load without erecting steel strand. We can choose single sheath or double sheath structure. As it is used on the power tower, there must be matching fittings to fix the optical cable on the pole and tower.


Product advantages:

1. small diameter, light weight and  span 100m 120m 150m 200m 300m 500m 600m

It depends on the distance between two poles.

2.  Protected from lightning strikes and short-circuit currents,No worried about over-voltage interference.

3. Can be operated with electricity,Easy to construct,low installation cost and convenient maintenance.

4.Fast network construction for add optical channel for below 110kV voltage level line



1. The number of fiber cores are from 2 cores to 144cores. 12 cores 24 cores 48 cores are commonly used

2. The materials are  all dielectric materials, without metal components, avoiding lightning and over voltage interference.

3. With aramid ,such as  Kevlar aramid yarn, the adss cable are with high tensile strength, stress-strain characteristics and excellent bulletproof performance.

4. Small outer diameter, light weight, excellent aerodynamic performance, reduce the extra load of tower, large span.

5. Self supporting structure, no steel suspension wire, easy and fast installation.

7. The outer sheath made of anti electric mark material makes the cable more excellent in corona resistance and electric corrosion resistance in high voltage induction electromagnetic field.

8.  live line construction and it is suitable for the reconstruction of old lines.

fibra adss

adss span 200drop adssadss 48coreadss 24f

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