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GCYFXY 2f 4f 6f 8f 12f 16f ABF mini fiber optic air blown cable


Product Description

The air-blown micro-optical cable technology is a technology that minimizes the size of optical cables and pipes through optimization of materials, processes, and structures, and is laid by air-blown methods to maximize the use of pipe space.


Advantages of micro air blown optical cable

Compared with the traditional stranded cable, the material consumption and processing cost of the same core mini cable are greatly reduced.

The structure size is small, the line quality is small, the weather resistance is good, the cable can be used repeatedly

Semi-dry structure design, environmental protection, easy to test and weld

The mini cable has good bending performance also it has better resistance to lateral pressure under normal working conditions.

It’s suitable for overhead and pipeline laying, when overhead laying can use a smaller specification of reinforced steel rope.The existing pipeline resources can be saved when the pipeline is laid.


abf cable

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