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GYJTA breakout tight buffer distribution cable armoured outdoor waterproof fiber optic cable


Product Description

GYJTA waterproof fiber optical cable is to place aramid strength member on the surface of Tight Buffer fiber, then extrude the sheath to make the sub unit, then twist the sub unit with the central strength member to make a circle as cable,The cable is wrapped the water blocking tape and then longitudinally wrapped with a layer of plastic coated aluminum tape then extrude the sheath to form the fiber cable.


• Excellent mechanical properties and temperature characteristics. 

• Good compression resistance and flexibility. 

• Can resist all kinds of harsh environment in the wild long life, good coat toughness, tensile resistance, good grounding. 

• Use the following measures to ensure that the cable is waterproof. 

• The cable core is tightly wrapped to block the hose. 

• The longitudinal package is coated with plastic-aluminum moistureproof layer. 

• Good water-blocking material to prevent longitudinal water seepage of optical cable. 

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