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GJFV indoor 2fo 4fo 6fo 8fo 12fo 16fo 24fo trunk OM3 OM4 fiber cable


Product Description

GJFV is made of tight set optical fiber, which has excellent peeling performance, small diameter and bending radius, and can be installed freely in narrow space

The mini structure is to apply reinforced multi-strand Kevlar  aramid yarn on the surface of ф250μm fiber, the fiber and aramid are twisted, and then the flame-retardant outer sheath is extruded.



Mini bundle om4 fiber optic cable, reinforced with high strength aramid fiber , high performance sheath material

Small bending radius, light weight, soft, flexible, easy to connect

It has good mechanical and environmental performance

Flame retardant or non - flame retardant outer protection, to provide good safety protection

om4 multimode.fiber

8 core multimode fiber optic cable6 core multimode fiber optic cable12 core multi mode fiber optic cablemulti mode 12 core fiber

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