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aerial fig 8 GYFTC8S 12 24 core figure 8 drop fiber optical cable


Product Description

The aerial fiber cable structure of GYFTC8S is to put the fibers 250μm into PBT loose tube, which is filled with water-resistant filling compound. The cable center has a strength member. The tubes or fillers are stranded around the central strength member into a compact and circle cable core. This part of cable accompanied with the stranded wires as supporting part is completed with a polyethylene(PE) sheath to be figure 8 structure.



1, Stranded wires has very good tensile strength, which is good for self-supporting aerial installation and cost saving.

2, Good mechanical and temperature performance.

3, Loose tube material itself has good water resistance and high strength.

4, Special tube filling compound protect the core fibers critically.

5, The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight

Loose tube is filled with special water proof materials.

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