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indoor single mode multimode 12 24 core Anti-rodent Armored Fiber Cable


Product Description

The cable of GJSFJV is a armored fiber cable, made up of 600μm or 900μm tight buffer fibers, spiral stainless steel pipe, Kevlar aramid yarn, LSZH/PVC/OFNR outer jacket.

This cable has excellent mechanical performance, easy for distribution and processing. It is a good transmission media in communication field.

And it is widely used in defence communication system, broadcast television system, intelligent building control, power control system, transportation communication system, metropolitan area network and local area network.



1, Single core fiber cable armored flat stainless steel wire enhances the crush resistance and anti-rodent ability.

2, High strength aramid yarn, high performance outer sheath.

3, Small bending radius, light weight, flexibility and friendly installation.

4, Good mechanical and environmental performance.


5, Flame retardant outer sheath provide good safety.

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